3 Things to Be Thankful for This Season

Jonathan Malm - November 25, 2015

It’s a somber, scary time right now. After the ISIS attacks in Paris and no end in sight on that front, then political fighting, along with other tragic events raging around us… It’s hard to think about what there is to be thankful for. Sure, there’s family. There are jobs, friends, and other good things. But those big, heavy moments can still weigh on us. …

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7 Songs from CCM’s Glory Days that Nailed It

Jonathan Malm - November 23, 2015

Let’s be honest: Most of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) back in the day was just songs that copied secular songs and added a Christian theme to it. I’m not saying there wasn’t artistry or validity in the music. But the Christian market mostly wanted Christian alternatives to the music they really wanted to listen to, so that’s what CCM produced. Every now and then, though, a song …

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7 Ways to Live a Life with Limitless Possibilities

Jonathan Malm - November 19, 2015
innovative life

In Mark, Jesus told a man, “Anything is possible if a person believes.” We love writing that on sticky notes and tacking them to our mirrors, but I don’t know many Christians who live lives where anything seems possible. Most of us live ordinary lives that don’t really go beyond anything anyone else experiences. And I don’t think this should be the way believers live. I …

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4 Worries That Stop Dreamers in Their Tracks

Jonathan Malm - November 18, 2015
worries dreamers

I’m a bit of a dreamer. And last week, I almost got derailed by an email. One of the folks who are supposed to be one of my biggest advocates told me they didn’t really believe in me. That led me down a spiral of worries that almost made me want to give up on writing. Fortunately, I realized the worries weren’t exactly valid. I pushed …

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3 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing After Tragedies

Jonathan Malm - November 16, 2015

Note: I actually wrote this last Wednesday, planning on posting it today, unaware of anything that would happen in Paris. On one hand I don’t want to capitalize on the Paris tragedy, but on the other hand I believe this applies now more than ever. So I’ve decided to keep it posting on today’s schedule. Our world seems to be filled with tragedies: school shootings, …

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Are You Working the System or Being a Jerk?

Jonathan Malm - November 12, 2015
working the system

We’ve become a nation of lifehackers. We all want to get the most out of everything. And for many, that means working the system. Heck, I work the credit card system. I frequently get free flights and hotel stays because I do things like buying gifts cards instead of directly buying what I want… It’s taking advantage of the system, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong …

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7 Lies You Learned in Kindergarten (and Probably Still Believe)

Jonathan Malm - November 9, 2015
kindergarten lies

I learned some pretty valuable lessons in kindergarten. I learned that sharing is caring. I learned to be polite. I learned girls don’t like it when I pull their hair. Truly, valuable life lessons. But I also learned some things that weren’t true. For one, I learned from an art teacher that I wasn’t creative. Later on in life I discovered that was wrong. I am …

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5 Things Christians Need to Start Doing on Social Media

Jonathan Malm - November 5, 2015
christians social media

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of things Christians should stop doing on social media. I got some great response on the post, but I realized it might have come across a bit critical. It’s easy to tell people what they should stop doing…much harder to tell them what they should start doing. So that’s my goal with this post. I believe Christians can …

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4 Reasons You Don’t Finish Devotionals

Jonathan Malm - November 4, 2015

If you’re like me, you probably have a devotional graveyard on your bookshelf. It’s filled with half-read books. And there they sit, mocking your inability to finish something as a book that helps you grow closer to God. Up until recently, I hadn’t been able to finish a single devotional. And it’s because I did the following things. But once I started changing the way I approach …

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