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Discover Your Opportunity for Growth

Was talking to a friend who’s self-employed. I asked him how he’s doing financially, and he said he wasn’t making as much money as he’d like. Granted, I don’t know if anyone makes as much money as they’d like. But he had a specific figure he felt would be a comfortable income for him and his family.

So I asked him: How would you be able to get to that number? More clients? Higher per-hour rate? More consultation jobs?

It’s an important question, because if he’s working 40 hours a week and not making enough money, more clients won’t help him. More consultation jobs won’t help because he doesn’t have the extra time without sacrificing family time. For him, a higher per-hour rate would be the only way to make more money. So I suggested something to him. (more…)

lifes message

The One Thing that Should Be at the Top of Everyone’s Bucket List

The bucket list is a fun concept. It’s all the things you want to do before you die. It’s a cool way to focus your priorities so you make the most of every minute of your life—especially as you’re getting older.

But to be honest, it feels a bit silly sometimes. Yes, seeing the Taj Mahal before you die is pretty cool. But I don’t know that it will really matter once you die. I have a feeling that in heaven, we won’t care so much about our earthly experiences. Or if we do, we can just take a glimpse at it whenever we want. Much less, I doubt it will matter to those we love that we got to see the Taj Mahal before we died.

So I get the bucket list, but at the same time I feel like it’s pretty short-sighted. I do see one sort of thing that should be on a good bucket list, though. And I think putting this at the top of the list will make all the other stuff matter more. (more…)


Are You Innovating in Your Life?

The world’s big into innovation nowadays. We celebrate the innovators. But I believe a lot of what we call innovation is just good design.

You see; innovation needs to help us do something we previously couldn’t do, or at least do it in a different way than we previously were able. So making a different-shaped phone isn’t innovation, it’s just design.

I think of the perfect example of the cell phone. The cell phone was an innovation. But for years, we merely made different designs. Then the iPhone comes on the scene and we’re able to do so much more with a phone. It changes the game because it’s an innovation. (more…)

coming to jesus

There is Hope in a Messed Up Church

I felt uncomfortable writing that headline, and I feel a bit uncomfortable writing this blog post. But I’ve come this far, so I’m finishing it.

I work in the church industry. That sentence by itself is a bit uncomfortable, because the church was never intended to be an industry. “Worship music” makes about 40 million dollars each year just from the churches who pay to sing worship songs in their congregation. That doesn’t even take into account album sales and live concerts.

And one of the leading causes of church splits is over preferences…someone thinks the church should sing country songs while someone else thinks they should sing rock songs. Then we get into a squabble over the musical accompaniment to songs like “Beloved, Let Us Love One Another”. (more…)


Don’t Let Fear Win

I almost let fear win last Monday. It looks like an issue of Sunday| Mag I’ve been counting on won’t be happening, and I had nothing for October 1st.

The thing you need to know about Sunday| Mag is this: each month, I have to come up with twelve unique article ideas. Then I have to assign those articles to twelve different writers, and give them two weeks to finish the project. Then I assign twelve articles to artists to design graphics…with a two week deadline for each of those too. I get each article, once they’re turned in, edited by a team of four editors. Then I have to lay them out and prepare everything to publish. (more…)


The Zombie Faces I See on My Run

A few mornings each week, I go for a run on a trail by my house. I have to do it early if I want to escape without having lost half my body weight in sweat.

And on my way back from the run, I walk on a busy road where people are driving to work. I always laugh at the faces I see in the car. The sun’s at just the right angle where it’s streaming into their eyes. Plus, it’s early morning so everyone looks exhausted. They look like zombies.

I laugh at their faces, then I take it as a reminder how lucky I am that I get to walk back home, shower, then do something I love at my home. I don’t have to have that miserable look on my face going to a job I hate, because I’m an entrepreneur—yes, that’s smugness you read in my words. And I’m sorry. (more…)

baiting the hook

It’s Free! (With a Catch)

I had the privilege of joining a man from Mexico on a podcast last week. He interviewed me about some of my projects for churches and how to infuse creativity into a church that might be resistant to such things.

On these podcasts, I’m an open book. Everything I know that I think could be remotely helpful…I spill it. I’ve been a believer in this concept ever since I read Rework. In the book, they recommend that every company should share every one of their secrets. It’s sort of a Bobby Flay approach. Being known for his chef skills, you’d think he would want to guard his secrets so he can stay on top. But instead he gives it all away, and that’s further solidified his expertise in everyone’s mind. It’s counter-intuitive, but I believe it works. (more…)


The Internet Sharing Problem

On Tuesday, I shared a video that I thought was absolutely hilarious. A reporter announced a new team member in the field that was about to be live on air for the first time. This was her debut story.

Thanks, Mitch. “The people er been take du the. I bil gin top fin garb.” I have no idea what she said. She flubbed the ten seconds. Probably the most embarrassing ten seconds of her life. I laughed hard. Then I shared it.

I felt a little bit bad. I would hate for my most embarrassing moment to go viral. But that’s the way the internet works. You share other people’s worst moments in order to get a temporary boost in your own self esteem. The problem was, I didn’t realize that this girl was actually suffering from a form of stroke in that report. It was something, fortunately, many of my friends were quick to point out. (more…)

who told you

Who Gets to Tell You?

If I were to ask the question, “who here is creative,” to a group of kids, I guarantee nearly all of them would raise their hands. But if I were to ask that same question to a group of adults, most would leave their hands down.

What happened between childhood and adulthood? What changed? I don’t believe creativity leaves the body. I believe we buy into a lie when someone tells us we aren’t creative.

I had an art teacher in first grade that told me I wasn’t creative. What about you? Who told you that you were uncreative? (more…)


God’s Not Really Looking for Availability

There are loads of great Christian sayings that circulate throughout the internet. They’re great because they’re short. But they aren’t always accurate.

One of the ones I think of is: God’s not looking for ability. He’s looking for availability.

I get that the saying is supposed to encourage those of us who think they have meager ability. Unfortunately, it makes it sound like you can be used by God as long as you make yourself available. The truth is, God only looks for people who are busy using their abilities already. (more…)