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Another Emergency Room Visit?

I finally made the decision. I’d go to CrossFit with my wife.

She’s been wanting me to try it for a while. I’ve been nervous. Last time I tried a CrossFit-type workout I wound up in the Emergency Room at 3am an experienced a rather traumatic night.

But as a gesture of love and as a realization that my belly fat was stubbornly holding on, I decided to take the plunge. I went to my first CrossFit class. The coach didn’t really allow me to use any weights because it was my first time. He wanted me to focus on technique (which meant squatting in a corner making sure my back was straight). (more…)


I Waste a Lot of Time

You’ll see on the left side of my blog, here, the projects I publicize. These are my pet projects that bring in the majority of my income. But I bet you didn’t know I have more projects than these. I actually have quite a few that nobody even knows are mine.

They’re experiments. I try something just to see if it works. I thought I’d share a few of the projects I have started that have been a complete waste of time. Then I hope to show you that perhaps they weren’t as much of a wast of time as they might seem. (more…)


When Is Your Idea Ready?

On Friday, I uploaded my thousandth photo to my website, If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a stock photo site for bloggers and social media mavens. You pay $5/month and get unlimited photo downloads from the site for whatever you need.

Back in August 2013, before I started the site, I was contemplating how successful the site could be. I was pretty sure I would be sitting pretty when I had over 1,000 photos on the site for people to download. To me, that was the threshold where people would see value in the site. In fact, I was tempted to wait until I had the 1,000 photos before I started making it available to the public.

I’m so glad I didn’t wait. It would have been almost a year before anything actually happened on the site. And I’m willing to bet I would have been discouraged in that year of very little progress. (more…)


It Was Almost Too Creative…

I’d say I’m a very creative individual. I might not be massively athletic… I might not be the greatest musician… There are many things I’m not. But I am very creative.

And I owe much of my creativity to my dad. He’s a very creative individual. He’s the creative giant upon whose shoulders I stand.

Unfortunately, because I’ve grown up around creativity all my life, I find myself thinking two and three steps ahead of other people. This is unfortunate because a lot of my most creative ideas don’t land. They come across as weird. They come across as a “what just happened” moment. Let me give you an example. (more…)


How Do You Know If Your Dream is From God?

As a child, I wanted to be so many different things. I had thousands of dreams swirling in my head. It was like one of those spinning fireworks were whirling in my head—each spark representing a dream or idea for my future.

There was a season where I wanted to be a world famous magician. I wasted hundreds of dollars at magic shops and I nearly drove all my friends away, because I couldn’t help but show them the latest illusion I mastered. That vision for my life lasted a year or two.

Then there was a time I wanted to be a stunt man. I killed many brain cells by rolling down large hills and jumping out of moving vehicles. That dream lasted until my mom put an end to it. (more…)


What Should I Offer My Readers?

So here’s a purely selfish post. My book comes out in September, but I’m trying to get people to pre-order the book. What should I offer as an incentive to those who pre-order?

First, about the book. The book is a devotional to help you think creatively. It’s not just for church workers. It’s not just for people who consider themselves creative. Created for More is a 30-day devotional anyone could pick up and really start seeing their life differently.

Also, the book will hopefully reach more people than I currently have in my audience/network. It will, however, probably reach mostly millenials since that’s who my publisher primarily targets.

That being said… What should I offer? I could write a short e-book… A lot of people do that. But are there any things I have to offer that would be a good supplemental resource to thank people who pre-order?

Leave a comment. I’d love to know. And while you’re at it…feel free to pre-order. It’s really cheap on right now.


The Best Ideas are Simple

I had just finished telling my friend an idea I had. I was so excited to tell him because I knew the idea was absolutely brilliant. But after taking about two sentences to describe the idea, it felt silly to me.

Suddenly my brilliant idea felt too simple to be worth anything. I almost sensed my friend asking, “Is that it? That’s the whole idea?”

I’ve noticed some of the best ideas often feel ridiculously simple. Take It started as a company selling books online. That’s all they did. They sold books at a slightly lower rate than traditional bookstores. It’s not like online shopping didn’t exist. Why would selling books online turn into such a massive industry? (more…)


Why Humility Actually Helps Your Dream

I’ve always had a hard time believing the concept that you have to be humble before you can achieve anything successful. It’s what Saint Augustine said: “Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.”

To me, the two seem unlinked. I mean, yeah, you should be humble. But how does being humble help you achieve success?

I think the truth is found first in an accurate definition of humility. Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It’s not pretending you aren’t worth anything. It’s not about self-deprecation. If you’re good at something, you can acknowledge that. That’s okay. (more…)


Have Some Self Respect

I’m about to let you in on some secrets of blogging. Did you know almost all my income comes from advertisers on my websites. Until recently (now with a few books for sale), I didn’t have a single thing to sell on any of my sites. I was completely reliant on companies giving me money to keep going.

The sites have been quite successful. I’m actually to the point that I have a waiting list of folks wanting to get on my sites. I don’t have enough advertisement spots to give them all a turn. Pretty cool!

But one thing I get frequently is a request for me to participate in an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are simply this: If someone buys something from a website after I linked to the website, I get a commission from that sale. So, if I suggested a t-shirt to all my audience, and some of them purchased that t-shirt, I would get 10-20% commission from that sale. Seems like a good deal, right? (more…)


Keeping Track of Good Content

I got a question the other day from a reader, asking how I keep up with my content. There’s so much good content on there on the web, how do I stay in touch with it all.

The answer, first of all, is that I don’t. I don’t really listen to podcasts. I don’t read all the popular leadership blogs. I actually only follow a few sites. LikeCool, Twenty Two Words, and Dezeen are the three I follow. The first two are for fun. The last is for inspiration.

I follow those using the $1.99 app Leaf. It’s an RSS aggregator that automatically downloads the latest posts to my computer. That way I don’t have to bookmark anything. That’s the first way I keep up with good content. (more…)