5 Things I’m Learning About Betting on Myself

Jonathan Malm - February 2, 2016
betting on yourself

Over the last few months, I’ve been on a journey of learning to bet on myself. It began when I finished my latest book. I was ready to send it to a publisher like I did with Created for More. But a few weeks ago, I made a way different decision. I decided to self publish. I realized I was waiting for a publisher to believe …

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3 Ways Disappointments Can Lead to Something Amazing

Jonathan Malm - January 27, 2016

I was riding in the car with my brother, and he said something that kinda blew my mind. “You know, Jonathan. The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m invincible.” I laughed. But as I thought about the context of our conversation, I actually began to agree with him. The Bible tells us that if God is for us, nobody can stand against …

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3 “Humble” Responses to Compliments Christians Need to Stop Saying

Jonathan Malm - January 25, 2016
humble responses

When I first started leading worship at church, I discovered people loved complimenting me. Being 17, I didn’t really know how to take that much praise. So I did what I thought was the “humble” thing, and I didn’t really accept their compliments. I thought it was humility on my part, but it was really just insecurity. These are three “humble Christian” responses we need …

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31 Things I’m Working on Now that I’m 31 Years Old

Jonathan Malm - January 20, 2016
31 things

Today’s my birthday. I’m turning 31. Yikes. For some reason, I thought I’d feel like an adult and have things figured out when I turned 30. One year later, it turns out that’s not true. So here are 31 things I still need to learn. Hopefully this’ll be the year I get this stuff worked out. We’ll see. Less insecurity when people tell me no …

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4 Things You Can Learn From People Who Stab You in the Back

Jonathan Malm - January 18, 2016

If you’ve been in a church long enough, you’ve probably witnessed some backstabbing. Heck, you might have been the person doing the stabbing, or you might have found the knife in your own back. If you work for a church, you see even more of it. While I worked with my dad, I saw him consistently getting stabbed in the back from people he brought …

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3 Lies You’ll Hear When You Start Something New

Jonathan Malm - January 14, 2016
lies about doing something new

Got that business you want to launch? A book you want to write? An album you want to record? Some brand new invention? You can be sure that you’ll get some resistance. Any time you want to create something new, there are people who will feel threatened by that. Either that, or they don’t have the vision for it. So they’ll try to discourage you …

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3 Ways Religious Radicalism Could Save the World

Jonathan Malm - January 13, 2016
radical christians

When you think of the word “radicalism”, you often think of terrorism from Islamic radicals. The reason we associate the two concepts is that these radicals often take a literal reading of the Koran and take action on words like “Jihad”. They apply these literal concepts to their literal lives. Radicalism for them is about taking their holy texts seriously and doing something about them. …

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3 Things I Want to Tell the Church

Jonathan Malm - January 11, 2016

So many people are writing open letters to the church nowadays. They’re often scathing pieces about hypocrisy and the like. Unfortunately, many of those who are writing the letters have completely removed themselves from the church. So, to be honest, it doesn’t give much authority to their words. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to listen to someone who isn’t trying to …

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