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Jonathan Malm - February 28, 2017

Unless you’re planning to live life like a hermit, you’re going to get some relational bumps and bruises. Even well-meaning people will chip away at God’s purpose for your life if you aren’t careful.

Here are three things people will steal from you if you let them. You have to be vigilant.

1. Your courage.

Even Christians can steal your courage. People do it through discouragement. Dis-courage. When criticisms come or when people make bad assumptions about your motives, they will discourage you. The cure for discouragement is living under a higher calling.

Your purpose should be greater than discouragements. Keep a laser focus on what you feel God has called you to do and maintain the courage to follow through on it.

2. Your uniqueness.

The world, and those in it, will try to conform you to their image. You’d think, with a culture so emphasizing the individual and creativity, that people would be down with individuality. But they aren’t. Instead, they want everyone to function and think the same way. It feels safer that way.

But Paul told us in Romans, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” That’s your invitation to be the individual God created you to be. Be transformed into that new, unique person.

3. Your blissful ignorance.

One of the detriments of the information age is that information comes at you without even welcoming it. I’m convinced there are sometimes a little blissful ignorance is a good thing. Research and knowledge is good. But when it start overwhelming you and blocking you from trying something risky, it’s bad.

Don’t let so much information – there are conflicting reports everywhere – keep you from acting and following the call of God on your life.

Even though it’s people trying to steal these things from you, remember they aren’t your enemy. Their theft is often just rooted in insecurity and ignorance. Don’t get mad. Don’t fight. But guard these things carefully so you can follow where God leads.