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Jonathan Malm - January 25, 2017

Jesus said, “You can’t serve two masters.” He was speaking about serving money versus serving God, but the two masters principle applies to every area of your life. A person of divided loyalties will travel a difficult road, because eventually the two will conflict.

There are some things in your life that will always conflict with following Christ. It’s important to identify divided loyalties now, so you make the right decision to follow Christ when the conflicts come. Here are three things that will divide your loyalties if you aren’t careful.

1. Your Political Stance

Politics is a devious beast. It asks you to make a commitment to one side – usually the side you feel will benefit you the most. Of course, your benefit means that someone else has to lose. There’s no perfect political system, despite what people tell you, that brings God’s justice to the world.

If you over-ally yourself to politics, you’ll find yourself trying to serve two masters. And Jesus isn’t posting articles to Facebook trying to make you choose; politics is. Be careful that your political stance doesn’t win your allegiance.

2. Your Rights

Jesus didn’t call us to take up our cause; He called us to take up our cross. That means denying ourselves – denying our rights. If you’re caught up lobbying for your own rights, that’s going to conflict with your call as a believer. Don’t let a fight for your rights supersede your fight for living like Jesus.

3. Your Opinion

Christians don’t really have the luxury of a public opinion. If we’re representatives of Christ, we represent His truth, not our own. If you’ve decided to let your opinions rule your conversation, you’re speaking for yourself and not for God. You’re serving your opinions, and your faith is losing.

There are some things that are clear in the Bible. But there are a whole lot more that the Bible doesn’t address. It’s nearly impossible to avoid having opinions on extra-biblical topics. But we don’t the luxury of fighting for those opinions. That’s not what we’re called to.

It’s so important that we let our faith guide us. Our political views, our rights, and our opinions are valid. But they can’t take the lead in our lives. Only one person belongs in the lead – Jesus. Make sure you keep Him there.