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Jonathan Malm - December 12, 2016

You’re on Facebook. You just read an article about some pastor or Christian celebrity that made your blood boil. “They said what?!” “They did that?!” “They taught a whole congregation that heresy?!”

You’re about to lay into them. About to put their errors on blast. But before you do that, I want to encourage you to look at these three truths. Remember them first, and see how you feel about all those exclamation points you want to type.

1. Jesus died for them.

Not in the collective, Jesus died for all of us sense, but specifically for them. Jesus loved them enough to lay down His life for them, so that they could be called children of God. He wanted them adopted into God’s family so much that He spilled His blood for them. They are a son or daughter of God.

How do you think God would want you speaking about them?

2. God speaks to them.

The next level is this: When they pray to their Father, God, He replies. He speaks to them. Now, you’d think if they believed some heresy about God that He’d ignore them. But He doesn’t. He actually communes with them personally.

That isn’t to say God whispers correct theology to them during their quiet time. But He hasn’t stopped speaking.

3. God works through them.

And more than that, God works through them. He actually uses them to accomplish some of His purposes. Yep, people are getting saved. Disciples are being made. God’s purposes are going forward and they’re part of it.

I’m not saying you need to suddenly agree with the pastor or Christian celebrity or whoever it is you want to put on blast. I am saying, though, that remembering these three things should change the verbiage and emotional intensity we use when thinking about them.

Maybe, instead of an exclamation-point-filled tirade, it should be a more heart-felt, thought-provoking comment. More likely, it shouldn’t be a post at all. You should pray for that person. Maybe send them a private letter (one that doesn’t make its way to your blog as an “open letter to _____”).

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  1. Yup. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a rather strictly conservative Independent Fundamental Baptist, KJV-only dude. We disagree about many, many things. But he loves Jesus, loves his family, and his views with which I disagree certainly don’t affect his value before God. Good stuff, Jonathan!

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