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Jonathan Malm - February 20, 2017

I do a lot of thinking about coffee. Between roasting my own, brewing it on my custom coffee bar, and working from coffee shops around time, the seed of the coffee plant dominates a bunch of my mental space.

I’d call coffee a gift from God. But exploring the discovery and use of coffee has led me to a few truths about the gifts we get from God. Understanding these truths will help us get the most from the good things He gives us.

1. Sometimes the gift isn’t at first apparent.

Coffee wasn’t discovered until 1,100 AD. That means for the first 4,000 years of recorded human history, we never knew about the gift of coffee. It took some goat herders in Ethiopia seeing their goats bouncing off the wall after eating a scorched bush to discover the plant.

I believe God has given us gifts from the formation of the world that we still have yet to discover. And I believe the same for gifts God gives us on a recurring basis. They might seem useless at first, but it’s up to us to explore and discover the fact that they are, indeed, gifts.

2. God loves when we make more of the gifts.

The coffee bean requires a bunch of processing in order to turn it into that delicious cup you enjoy. Frankly, the fact that we could get a perfect cup of coffee for around $5 is a miracle considering the fact that the beans are hand-picked, removed from the fruit, dried, washed, shipped, roasted, and then processed by a genius behind a coffee bar… The gift is greater because what we have done with it.

God’s gifts often require work on our part to make the most of them.

3. We can abuse them.

Finally, just because God gives us a gift doesn’t mean we get to go crazy with the stuff. I know I’m tempted to drink three or four cups of coffee a day. But when I’m wide awake at 2 am, I regret it.

God’s gifts require wise stewardship. It’s the same for your family. For your job. For your house. We can abuse the gift, or we can approach the gift with moderation and care. That’s the way we get the most out of the gifts of God.

That’s what coffee has been teaching me about God’s gifts. What truths have you discovered? Share in a comment below!