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Jonathan Malm - January 5, 2017

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4 Truths About the Mundane Moments in Life

Jonathan Malm - January 5, 2017

No matter how cool you think someone is, you can guarantee they experience mundane moments. That person whose life you envy via Instagram – they go grocery shopping too. They stand in line at the DMV. They have seasons where absolutely nothing exciting is happening. They sit with their family during Thanksgiving dinner.

None of us can escape the mundane moments in life. But I don’t think we should. I’m convinced there are good things that can happen, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Here are four truths about the mundane moments in life and the opportunities hidden within.

1. You choose whether or not they are wasted.

First of all, you choose whether or not any moment is wasted. In Ephesians, Paul tells us to “pay careful attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” We choose whether or not we are wise when we make the most of every opportunity.

2. Mundane moments are a test.

These moments are tests as to whether or not we will be wise. But they’re often tests determining whether or not we will shrink into entertainment or despair, or if we will still look to God in those moments. Every moment, whether scary, joyful, or mundane, should lead us to dependence on God.

3. There is treasure buried in them.

When I watch home movies, it’s funny to see the disparity between what I want to see and what we actually filmed. We have hours upon hours of school plays and shots of buildings/scenery on family vacations. But the moments of just regular life are few and far between. Yet that’s what I want to see. I want to see how my sister’s personality has changed. I want to see how my brother bossed around the whole family. I want to hear my squeaky voice and inability to pronounce R’s.

The true treasure buried in life is often in those regular, mundane moments. But unless you learn to appreciate them while they’re happening, you’ll lose them. You don’t get the treasure back. So dig and discover the treasure in every moment – especially the mundane ones.

4. There is more ahead.

King David was busy watching sheep – being faithful in the test of mundanity – when He was anointed to be King. Never underestimate what’s on the other side of your proper response to a mundane season.

Be faithful where you are. Look to God in your season. And I’m convinced good things will come even when life feels the most mundane.