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Jonathan Malm - August 8, 2017

5 Types of People Who Need to Read “The Hidden Option”

Jonathan Malm - August 8, 2017

7 Quotes from My Upcoming Book I Think Can Change Your Life

Jonathan Malm - August 8, 2017
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I’m not sure if this is bad marketing to share all of the best nuggets from my upcoming book in one place, but I’m trusting this will make you want more. I truly believe these seven quotes from The Hidden Option (releasing September 1st) could change your life if you act on them. The book, of course, gives you practical ideas and context for how to live these out, but I’ll try to give a bit of context below each quote to help you get a handle on them.

God’s creativity starts when things look hopeless. God loves to show us things we can’t see on our own. When things are the darkest, that’s when God’s creative light shines through and illuminates the pathway. Next time you’re feeling hopeless, look for God to demonstrate his creativity.

The limitations God puts on your life might just be the catalyst to a creative solution to life’s most impossible problems. God often likes to provide the miracle where you feel most inadequate. Don’t have the budget? Don’t have the resources? Don’t have the time? Look for God to find a creative way for you to work within those limitations.

Obligation does the minimum, but love embraces the maximum. God demonstrated His love for this by dying for us while we were still sinners. That was above and beyond. If you want to show true love, that’s the type of above and beyond it requires.

There’s always a third option to the obstacles you encounter, even if you can’t immediately see it. Confronted with a wall in your pathway? Do both left and right look like bad options? Good thing there are more possibilities. Over, under, through… There are far more possibilities if you’re willing to keep looking for them.

God isn’t limited to the options we’re able to imagine. And guess what… If those other options aren’t enough to solve the problem, God has even more tricks up His sleeves. Rely on His creativity and His options to find your solution.

If you’re ever faced with an obstacle that appears to only have two solutions, you’re probably asking the wrong question. Often we limit our possibilities because we ask the wrong questions from the wrong perspective. When we see things from God’s perspective, a world of opportunities emerges.

God is the only voice who can tell you who you are. Throughout your life, people have told you who you are and who you aren’t. You aren’t creative. You aren’t smart. You can’t do it. Those voices have no truth in them, because they don’t know you like your Creator. Choose to believe who He says you are. That’s the truth.

There they are! Did any of these resonate with you? Let me know in a comment below! Then make sure you share that image on social media. The success of this book relies on you helping me get the word out. You can also pre-order it here.

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