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Jonathan Malm - June 26, 2013

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Jonathan Malm - June 26, 2013

A Deadline is a Dream’s Best Friend

Jonathan Malm - June 26, 2013

So you have a great idea? You have a dream? The first thing I want to ask when people tell me that is: When will it happen?

Have you run into an old friend around town? You say, “We should get together some time! Let’s grab lunch one of these days!” You both have good intentions. You both legitimately want to get together. But the next time you see each other is in another chance encounter. You’re both embarrassed you never got together. So you set another arbitrary lunch date. It never happens. And it never will.

Unless you put a deadline on a good idea, it’ll never happen.

That’s because the “perfect time” for something never happens. Your schedule never frees up. The planets never align for your dream. There will always be other things keeping you from your good idea.

That’s why each time I have a great idea, I put it on my calendar to make it happen. I have great ideas scheduled a year in advance. I know it’s not the right time right now, but I also know I’ll forget about it in a month.

So I pick a random deadline and stick with it. A deadline is a dream’s best friend.

A note about deadlines: Make the deadline earlier than you think you need. No matter when it is or what project it’s for, deadlines seem daunting. But you can always make it happen with hustle and creativity. Don’t be a wuss when you set deadlines. Set them early and make them happen.

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