About Me

jonathan malm about

I grew up in Guatemala where my parents were missionaries. While there, I had some pretty crazy experiences. Monkey attacks, drive-by shootings outside our house, starting fires with the neighborhood friends… It was an interesting time in my life.

We moved back to the United States when I was in sixth grade. That’s when I began experimenting with creativity.

A few years later I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Marketing, then began working for my church. I led worship, designed graphics and websites, built stages, led the production team, and even tried my hand at video production.

I began blogging my experience in 2008. I posted my church’s stage design. It got lots of response. So I started an experimental site called Church Stage Design Ideas. It grew fast.

Around that time I met an amazing Argentine girl. She’s gorgeous. So of course we got married.

As Carolina worked on her under-grad degree, I kept plugging away at my church and started a few more websites (Sunday| Magazine being one). That developed and grew to the point where I had to quit my job at my church to keep up. So we moved to Dallas and worked on that.

During my time in Dallas I directed a large church conference, wrote two books, and started a few more sites.

Right now I’m living in San Antonio writing, maintaining my sites, and roasting my own coffee beans.