Jonathan Malm helps people uncover creative options for their life and their church. He’s the author of Created for More, a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas, roasting his own coffee beans and enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina.


Looking for that special spark to get your creativity going? Why not think in absurdities. Start thinking crazy thoughts and see what comes of them. The proceeding hairline was the absurdity I was exploring this week. Instead a receding hairline, the hairline is proceeding…attacking the rest of the face.


Stand in front of the Great Wall of China. It completely blocks the horizon. You can’t see beyond the bricks in your path. But if you could hop in a helicopter and elevate about 100 feet, the world would open up in front of you. You could see what was previously blocked. That’s what today’s…

Don’t Walk Alone

The Bible says to pity the fool that walks alone. I’m paraphrasing the MRT Version. But the road to creativity is a scary one. It’s not good to walk it alone. Creativity deals with deep parts of our soul. When we put ourselves out there and get rejected it can hurt–deeply. That’s why it’s important…

Learning Zone

Psychologists have found people don’t learn well when they are comfortable. Our brains are at rest because we aren’t being threatened. They’ve also learned that we don’t learn well when we’re overly stressed or anxious. Our brains kick into fight or flight and we act on instinct. The sweet spot for learning is between comfort…

Get Crafty

Creatively stuck? Do a craft. I had a bad case of creative block last week. So I went to a fabric store, bought some “tools”, and made some Halloween costumes for my wife and me. The whole project only took about two hours and it pulled me out of my creative funk.

Being Small

Don’t be afraid of being small. If you’re just getting started in your creative field, you may feel intimidated. If you compare yourself to the “big dogs” in your field, you’ll be intimidated by their skills and connections. But we shouldn’t fear being small.

Life from Death

Before we get going, please know I’m not in a post-Halloween, morbid mood. But an important part of life is death. In fact, life isn’t possible without death. A seed falls to the ground, dies, and life is birthed. Death is an important part of the circle of life, Simba.