Jonathan Malm helps people uncover creative options for their life and their church. He’s the author of Created for More, a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas, roasting his own coffee beans and enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina.


You can define yourself however you like. Did you know that? If you decide you want to be a foody, start experimenting with food. If you want to be artistic, start painting. In college you go through a stage of self-discovery. Every path and passion is open to you. But who says it should stop…

Break Something

Feeling creatively blocked? When was the last time you broke something? When you break things, it releases a giddy, nervous feeling which is fantastic for creativity. Danger and rule-breaking stir up our adrenaline. Fight-or-flight kicks in. We must survive. Our brain begins to think creatively to protect us from danger.

I Found Time!

Let me introduce you to a luxury I just discovered. It’s called Found Time. Found Time is simply a period of time that you didn’t know existed. For me, Found Time is Sunday nights. Up until recently, the church I work at had Sunday night services. Because of the time commitment and preparation the Sunday…