The Nerves of the Approach

Jonathan Malm - May 20, 2013

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Jonathan Malm - May 20, 2013

Baking an Idea

Jonathan Malm - May 20, 2013

You’re making chocolate chip cookies. You have your ingredients. Time to put them all in a bowl. But it isn’t quite so simple.

A great baker knows you don’t just drop the ingredients in a bowl and (voila) cookie batter is ready. But you also don’t throw it all in a blender until it combines into one solid mass. It’s smooth in some places. Chunky in others. It’s the way you separate and mix…your unique technique…that make the cookies great.

The Echo team’s been putting together the programming for the main sessions. We know we want a game. We want a “bit”. We want a “wow moment” and a sensitive moment. We want a ton of laughs. There are all these things we know we want. But listing them on a piece of paper doesn’t make for a great batch of chocolate chip cookies. Those are just the ingredients.

So we mix. We combine. We stir. We re-arrange. We measure. We remove. We’re preparing the idea…baking it.

The initial idea isn’t enough. You have to form it and shape it to look even better than the original idea. We want to create a main session that will be memorable. But what does that look like? Now’s when we do the hard work of making it happen.

Your idea isn’t enough on its own. You might have the idea. You might have the raw materials. But it’s the way you put a chef’s hand to the ingredients that makes it something special. It’s what will make it unique. It’s what will make it something no other person could create.

Two different bakers can use the same ingredients and make completely different tasting cookies. The difference is in the love. The extra attention. The baking.

There’s no room for half-baked ideas.

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