How to Make Space for People in Work

Jonathan Malm - July 25, 2016
making time for people and work

Most of my readers have to deal with a unique tension in our work. (1) We have to get things done. (2) But our jobs are also so much about people, that we need to make time for conversations. Conversations don’t lead to a productive day. It can even leave us feeling drained because of all the start-stop that comes with people interruptions. There has to …

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Try to Make Money

Jonathan Malm - July 20, 2016

Whenever someone tries to add my on social media with something like “entrepreneur” in their title, I’m immediately wary. I know they’re going to try to sell me something. And to be honest, most ways entrepreneurs try to sell are the wrong ways. I’ve seen these four ways are the most prevalent when it comes to entrepreneurs trying to make money. The last is the …

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The 3 Types of People You *Need* Advice From

Jonathan Malm - July 18, 2016

People love giving you advice. But I’m convinced most types of advice aren’t helpful. In fact, I even dread hearing unsolicited advice. At the same time, though, I know advice is super valuable. It just has to be the right kind. Here are three types of people who will give you the advice that can help you do amazing things. Heed their advice and things …

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4 Reasons I Jump on Nearly Every Trend

Jonathan Malm - July 14, 2016

My mantra with pop culture lately has been that of Thomas Jefferson: “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” So I downloaded Pokemon Go and even play it. I use Snap Chat. I generally jump on every trend that pops up. It’s fun for me, but that’s not the only reason I do it. Here are the …

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3 Things Your Life is Not About

Jonathan Malm - July 13, 2016
life purpose

It’s important to know what your life is about. If you don’t know what you’re living your life for, you’ll be wasting your life. And life – your time – is one of the most precious commodities in the whole world. You don’t get more of it. Unfortunately, there are three things I see a lot of people living their lives for. These three things …

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10 Thoughts About the Relationship Between Humility and Success

Jonathan Malm - July 11, 2016
success and humility

There’s this weird tension in the concepts of humility and success. A lot of Christian businessmen and women have a hard time reconciling the two concepts. Being successful requires boldness and confidence. But that seems to be opposite of humility. I’m convinced it’s not; you can be humble and successful at the same time. Here are ten thoughts about the two concepts and how they …

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3 Problems I Have with the Concept of a Career

Jonathan Malm - July 7, 2016

Let me be clear: I’m not hating on people who have careers. I don’t have a career in the traditional sense of the word, but in all actuality, I do. Career is not the problem here; it’s people thoughts about a career. Here are three things I think people need to stop thinking about their career. 1. That it’s a sole source of income. First of …

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5 Things that Will Kill Your Fledgling Idea

Jonathan Malm - July 6, 2016

I just launched a new business last Friday. It’s $5/month subscription of social media graphics for churches. Check it out if you’re interested: It took about three months to launch the site, which is actually longer than usual for me; my designer/partner had a new baby come along a month in, so we took our time. And the site’s growing like crazy. As I …

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3 Overlooked Educators in Your Life

Jonathan Malm - June 30, 2016

I’ve found a few surprising things about the education process. 1) School is not the best source for education. 2) The church is not the best source of education about God. 3) Online articles are not the best source of information. Unfortunately, most people tend to rely on those three entities for the primary education in their lives. I believe, in order to live successfully, you …

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The Three Reasons I Don’t Like Cautionary Tales

Jonathan Malm - June 29, 2016
cautionary tales

I grew up in the church. So I grew up hearing cautionary tales. “If you have sex before marriage, it’s like becoming a chewed peace of gum. You waste yourself.” “If you drink alcohol, you’ll get drunk and make bad decisions.” “If you do drugs, you’ll get addicted and your brain will be gone.” Those are just a few of the intense cautionary tales I …

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