5 Unfair Ways to Make Your Point

Jonathan Malm - September 1, 2016
unfair argument

I talked about my personality type on Monday. Part of what makes me ENTP is the fact that I love a good debate. I actually like debating just to debate. I’ll often play the devil’s advocate and argue for something I don’t even believe. Does that make me evil? Probably. But I think because I love a good argument so much, I’ve been able to …

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Why I’m Skeptical of Experts

Jonathan Malm - August 31, 2016

I was scrolling through a popular Christian blog site recently, when it struck me how many different types of experts there are. One expert was telling me why I should keep my kids in the service with me. Another expert was telling me why men should embrace true masculinity. Still another was saying we need to bring back prayer meetings. They were all prescriptions on how …

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3 Benefits I Got from Knowing My Personality Type

Jonathan Malm - August 29, 2016
personality types

I worked under a pastor who was obsessed with the Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Each year he took his whole team through the test and explained what all the letters mean. I went through it so many times that I could probably sit you down and guess your personality type just from a few questions. Myself, I’m an ENTP. This means I’m a natural entertainer, but …

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5 Things to Look for in a Leader to Follow

Jonathan Malm - August 25, 2016

Jesus talked in Luke about the importance of choosing who leads you: “…the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.” That means you will become a mini version of whoever you let lead you. Choosing a leader is important. This is true for a boss, a pastor, or anyone you plan on joining ranks with as they lead the charge. So these are …

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What I Learned from Business School

Jonathan Malm - August 24, 2016
what school cant teach you

I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. I put in the time, got my degree, and even graduated with honors. But to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how much that degree has helped me in running my businesses. Understand, I believe in the power of education. I even believe in the power of getting a degree – even though the cost of these degrees …

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What I Actually Do for a Job

Jonathan Malm - August 22, 2016
what i do

Most of my friends don’t really know what I do for a job. I’m a self-employed…writer? …entrepreneur? …website manager? It’s hard to put a label on it. So instead, I just thought I’d list all the things I do to make money, in descending order. If nothing else, I’ll be able to send my friends and family to this page so they can finally understand. …

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Why Silence (on Social Media) is Golden

Jonathan Malm - August 18, 2016
silence opinions social media

I always laugh when I see these types of posts on social media: “I normally don’t speak up about this sort of thing, but I felt compelled to say…” They fell into the trap. They fell into the trap of thinking they needed to say something on social media about the latest scandal, tragedy, soap box… whatever. Not gonna lie, I’m tempted by this trap often. …

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Why I’m Not Into the Quick Buck

Jonathan Malm - August 17, 2016
quick buck

Every now and then I get an idea or an opportunity that’ll make a quick buck. Either there’s a product idea that I know will sell, or someone approaches me to do something that’ll be decent money. The problem is, it’s usually something I’m not passionate or something that won’t contribute to my overall goal in with my job. So I’ve been trying to be better …

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3 Healthy Things You Can Do with Failures

Jonathan Malm - August 15, 2016

Failure sucks. Unfortunately, we all have to go through it in our lives. And the more gutsy things we do, the worse the failures will be. If failure is inevitable, how should we respond properly to it? I’m convinced there are three things we should do with and through our failures. 1. Learn from failures. Thomas Edison starts us out with this concept when he …

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3 Things Young People Need to Start Doing

Jonathan Malm - August 11, 2016
young people

I was talking to a 19 year-old the other day who impressed me. She was starting to realize that she had more to offer than she thought – even as young as she was. Of course, she sat under just as many “don’t let people look down on your youth” sermons as I have… But it was actually starting to get into her heart. That’s …

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