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Embracing My Weaknesses

That’s part of why I’m good at writing. I can see things from different perspectives and identify how they fit together. That’s what God has given me the natural inclination to do. And I’m at my very best when I’m functioning in that role. Sometimes that comes out as writing a book, and sometimes that comes out as building a business. Am I a writer? Am I an entrepreneur?

I always struggle with what to tell people who ask me what I do when they’re trimming my hair or when I sit next to them on a flight. In the echo chamber, people want you to give them a very simple explanation of what you do. But if you’re keying in on what God has uniquely gifted you to do, you’ll probably have a hard time fitting into a simple explanation. At times, I feel more comfortable telling people what I don’t do than what I do. (more…)


When I Try to Impress People

It was the first night of the conference. I’d psyched myself up for this moment for months. The worship portion went perfectly, and now it was time for a game and some emceeing by the team and me.

I’d created a really cool piece of equipment for the game. I’d used a device called a Makey Makey to hook up Play-Do to my computer. It worked like a buzzer system for the contestants…plus it felt cool that I made it myself.

I set up the system quickly and ran through a test while my teammates were talking, only to find out it didn’t work. “Um…it’s not working.” Who’d have thought a couple of pieces of Play-Do hooked up to some wires attached to my computer wouldn’t work? It seemed fool-proof. (more…)


Are You Limiting Yourself?

For a long time, many highways in Texas had a 70 MPH speed limit. I must admit, I always pushed that boundary a bit. Not to incriminate myself, but I’ve heard you can easily get by with 5 over the limit. That of course, doesn’t keep me from slowing down to the correct speed when I see a police officer in the distance.

Well, imagine my delight when they raised the speed limits on many highways to 75 MPH. I could actually drive as fast as I previously wanted to without having to worry about a ticket.

It’s funny though… For the first few weeks and months that I drove under this speed limit, I still slowed down to 70 MPH whenever I saw a police officer. I felt guilty, even though it was completely legal to drive 75 MPH. I was limiting myself and I didn’t need to. (more…)


How Video Games Reflect Life

Remember that game Zelda on the Nintendo? I know there were many sequels, but I’m talking about the original one. Crummy graphics and a rough attempt at a 3-D world.

What frustrated me about this game to no end was that it wasn’t a side scroller. You didn’t necessarily know where to go when you first started the game. You had to explore. Enter a cave and get one tool. Talk to an old dude and get a bow and arrow. You were criss-crossing all over the map.

I think life is similar to this. We want it to be one-directional. We want to know every single obstacle we face directly correlates with our future goals. But that’s not how life works. (more…)


When You Meet Someone Who’s Better

I met my friend, Joe Cavazos, about four years ago. We met up for coffee at a Starbucks in Corpus Christi, Texas. And I realized I really liked this guy. Massively talented and a cool guy too.

At that time, I still fancied myself a bit of a graphic designer. Working in an area where good graphic design wasn’t exactly prevalent, I felt like a big fish. I felt like I knew my stuff.

Unfortunately, my friend Joe showed me pretty quickly that I didn’t. He never discouraged me intentionally, but each time I saw his portfolio I felt inadequate as a designer. And in truth, I was. Through my friend Joe, I realized that wasn’t really my strength. (more…)


Step 1 to Accomplishing Your Dream

On Sunday, I was in Los Angeles talking to a group of 20/30-somethings about accomplishing a dream. One of the questions we discussed was what the first step should be.

And I think that’s really most people’s number one problem with accomplishing a dream. They don’t know where to start. Say you want to write a book or record an album…where do you even start? Those types of dreams can seem daunting. It’s like looking at Mount Everest and trying to take it all in at once.

But how do you climb Mount Everest? It’s the same way you climb any mountain. You take it one step at a time. And that’s the key to you accomplishing your dream. It’s taking one step, then the other, then the other. If you’re trying to think 50 steps out ahead, you’ll feel overwhelmed. (more…)


Are You Any Different?

I think we’ve all seen a guy who still lives his life like his senior year in high school. Maybe he hasn’t gone beyond the day he won the championship for his football team by throwing a perfect spiral to his teammate in the in-zone. He still goes out an drinks with his buddies and rehashes that one perfect moment in his life. Maybe he’s gotten married and had a few kids since then, but he still lives in that moment. He’s experienced external change, but no internal change. Twenty years later, he’s still that 18-year-old quarterback. None of us want to be like that guy.  (more…)


Are You Satisfied with the View?

I was hiking one day in a Texas park. The main natural feature of this particular park  is a giant, pink granite rock, although rock is an understatement. The thing is basically a mountain with caves, wildlife, and a spectacular view.

My wife and I were on the trail, trekking to the summit, when we passed a married couple trying to do the same. The wife was obviously struggling to make it up the mountain. My wife and I were taking a quick rest a few feet away from them, and we overheard the wife saying she was done. “I don’t want to climb any further. You go without me. I’m pleased with the view here.”

The husband kept urging her to go on, but eventually she got her wish. Being a good husband, he stayed with her. (more…)


Want a Defining Moment?

In the life of every successful person, there come a few major defining moments. They get the venture capital… They meet someone who will propel their platform… They meet the bandmate that takes the band to the next level…

Everyone’s looking for moments like this. These are the things that make fascinating back stories in biographies and blog posts. And they make it seem like you skipped twenty steps on the road to success. It’s a shortcut of sorts.

Unfortunately, these defining moments only happen to a few people. They happen to people who are already moving and doing something. (more…)


What’s the Real Story

I’ve been dabbling in fiction writing. I have a short novel I’m slowly working my way through. And something hit me about the storytelling process: In a book, the characters think they’re living one story, but the author knows they’re living a different story.

Think about a book like Harry Potter. Harry and his friends think they’re just trying to survive school. They’re surviving bullies and the occasional teacher who wants to do them ill. But JK Rowling knew the bigger story they would live.

At some point, the two stories converge and the characters finally get a taste of the real story they’re living. But for the majority of the story, they have no idea. (more…)