3 Ways to Build a Personal Brand without Being Phony

Jonathan Malm - June 6, 2016
personal brand without being phony

The new generation understands the value of the personal brand. Previously, personal brands were the things of celebrities, authors, or other public figures. But now, often the best business opportunities are available to those with the best personal brands. By establishing some sort of public persona, you can make yourself visible to potential employers or other great potentialities. But how do you build a brand …

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My 4 Keys to Business Success

Jonathan Malm - June 1, 2016
business sucess

I sold my first business when I was fourteen years old. That might sound impressive, but it’s not like it made me a millionaire. I sold my site,, for $500. My next sold company, a year later, was a bit more lucrative at $2000. I’ve begun so many different businesses over the course of my teens and twenties that it might be easy to …

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3 Reasons Worrying About Change is Ridiculous

Jonathan Malm - May 26, 2016
worrying about change

We’re all prone to worry, specifically about things changing. I love change, but I’m always a bit scared that it will hurt me. What if the industry changes and my websites no longer bring me money? What if a new company comes in and does what I’m doing better? What if something else replaces the Internet and all my current skills become useless? I’m sure …

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5 Times It’s Okay to Stop Volunteering at Your Church

Jonathan Malm - May 25, 2016

I believe strongly in the importance of volunteering at your church. Having worked at one and relying on volunteers, to now volunteering at the church I attend, I’ve seen both sides. It’s important stuff. At the same time, I do think there are some situations where you should probably stop volunteering. Here are five of them. 1. When you start dreading church. If you hate …

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4 Signs Your Ambition Has Become Unhealthy

Jonathan Malm - May 23, 2016

I’m an ambitious guy. I have at least 10 different projects going on right now. And to be honest, I’m not even sure how some of them are making money. But I love seeing money come in and I love accomplishing unique things. Success is awesome. But I always strive for a balance. I don’t want my ambition to become obsession or greed. Here are …

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5 Ways You’re Misusing Creativity

Jonathan Malm - May 19, 2016

I’m convinced everyone has capacity for creativity, and I can prove it. You’re already misusing creativity – even though you are using it – for these five things. 1. Debating on social media. I’ve seen the creativity people have when it comes to online debates. Write a story on any topic – say whether or not kittens should be adopted – and some genius will relate the …

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4 Things Your Church Needs from You (Besides Your Money)

Jonathan Malm - May 18, 2016
your church needs you

It’s sad that churches have the reputation of only wanting your money. It’s true; the church won’t be able to accomplish its mission as effectively if it isn’t well-funded. But there are actually other things you can give that have just as much value as your money. Here are four things every fully-bought-in church attender should bring to the table at their local congregation. 1. …

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Christians Should Be Okay with Saying “I Don’t Know”. Here’s Why.

Jonathan Malm - May 16, 2016
I dont know

The other day, I had the most delightful conversation about Donald Trump with my brother. We didn’t agree on many things. But it was delightful, because we both acknowledged that we didn’t really know the answer to solving this country’s problems. We had good guesses, but in truth, neither of us had the solution. So we left the conversation smiling. I’m convinced Christians should be more …

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3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Wait for the Real World

Jonathan Malm - May 12, 2016
the real world is overrated

Many generations are looking down on Millennials. Saying things like, “Just wait until they get hit with the real world; then all their entitlement will fall to shreds.” I realize Millennials do have a somewhat entitled outlook on life. That needs to go. But the whole notion of the “real world” doesn’t really apply to many Millennials. I don’t think it even has to apply to …

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