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One Thing You Should Never Do When It Comes to Your Dream

People ask me how I’m able to accomplish so many goals. I’ve seen a lot of dreams come to fruition. But many people have a hard time putting their dreams to work and actually accomplishing them.

I’ve found this one tip helps me tremendously. It’s something I don’t do. The tip is this: Never add an item to your to do list without a deadline attached to it.

Here’s why: If you don’t attach a deadline to your dream, you’ll never do it. There will always be something else competing for your attention. There will always be an emergency that takes priority. Or when motivation is low, you’ll simply ignore it. (more…)


All My Ideas Are Good

I’m not going to lie. The first idea that pops in my head is usually really good. Follow me.

In order for an idea to get past my own insecurities and my brain’s filter, it has to be a pretty decent idea. I hate looking like I have bad ideas, so I instantly squash those. That’s why I’m willing to say all my ideas are good. They only bubble to the surface if they’re good.

The problem is, most people are in the same boat. Most people have good ideas. And the problem with a good idea is that it keeps you from pursuing a better idea. Once you have a good idea, you’re very willing to stop thinking and follow the first idea that pops into your head. (more…)


Adventure Doesn’t Just Happen to People

Have you ever noticed some people seem to have all the adventures? Your average day involves a boring breakfast, getting gas at the station, and a regular workday. Yet they have some amazing story to tell each night.

What gives them the adventurous life while you seem to have a boring one?

I’ve found adventure doesn’t just happen to people. Adventure requires a decision. It requires—when you get to that point of no return—plunging on ahead while most people go back to their comfortable lives. (more…)


For the Love of Irony

Last Friday I put the final period on a new book I’m writing, then sent it in to my publisher to see if they like it. The working title is Overcoming the Critic. The book is about dealing with critics and how to ready yourself so they don’t affect you—so they don’t discourage you and keep you from doing what God has called you to do.

Then on Tuesday I woke up and immediately saw a review on my Created for More. It was a mostly positive review, but they didn’t like my use of the word “zen”. I understand. It wasn’t the right word for the chapter. So the next 30 minutes while I showered and ate breakfast, I was obsessing over it. “Why did I use that stinkin’ word? It was such an obvious mistake. I hope that doesn’t hurt the success of the book…my sloppiness with the English language.” (more…)


What Are You Planting?

I’ve preached the principle of sowing and reaping. Call it karma if you like. The point is: you get out of life what you invest in it. God set up the principle, and even He operates by it. (I open up that can of worms in my devotional if you’re curious about what I mean.)

I realized even though I preach it and believe it, I haven’t been proactively living it. Sure, if someone asks me for help, I’m pretty eager to say ‘yes’. But I never seek people out and offer my assistance.

Well I’m changing that. I recently Skyped in with some guys who run a site similar to mine (but very new) and told them everything I know about making money from their site. I gave them all my secrets and even all the numbers. I’ve even started looking for advertisers I can connect them with. (more…)


This Project Will Out Me as a Fraud

I’m convinced. This book coming out… This will be the project where people will finally see what a fraud I am. People will read my devotional, and think to themselves, “This guy doesn’t know anything. Why have we been listening to him?”

I’ve expressed this fear to a few friends. They laugh. But it’s a real fear.

It’s a fear because I know what’s inside me. I know I’m far from perfect. I know some days I’m completely inspired and creative. While other days I have nothing in my tank. People listen to my opinions on things that I have no business having an opinion on. I’m not a theologian. I’m not a Bible scholar. I never went to seminary. Yet I have a devotional coming out next month. (more…)


Hooters Girls and Real Relationships

I knew a guy in college who just didn’t quite get how relationships worked. He was a huge fan of Hooters. And if you looked at his Facebook page, you’d see just how much. Nearly all his pics were with all his “friends” from Hooters. Loads and loads of girls on every side of him, smiling like they were best friends.

Now, this post isn’t about Hooters. It’s not even about my friend going to Hooters. It’s about something that began developing in my friend as a result of this situation. He was just completely unhappy with the relationships in his life (at least the ones away from Hooters). He couldn’t figure out why his other friends weren’t as nice as these Hooters girls. They were so nice to him and everyone else seemed rather indifferent to him. Why didn’t people show the same interest in him that these girls did? (more…)


We’re Better Working Together

You probably know, if you read my blog frequently, that I have a book coming out September 1st. It’s a devotional for creative minds. (Seriously, why haven’t you pre-ordered it yet?)

But you probably don’t know I have two other books in development. One book, Church Marketing Sucks is partnering with me on to publish. The other, I just finished the first draft on (no publisher yet).

How can I have three books in the works at once? Is my head about to explode? Do have all those thoughts swimming around in my head at once? Nope. I can work on so many books at once because I have people I trust to work on them with me. (more…)