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The Scary Thing About Facebook

I saw a headline post on my “Trending” news section of Facebook. It said, “Man with concealed handgun license takes down shooter.”

That worried me. It worried me, because it sounded somewhat biased. Surely different news outlets would have headlined that different ways. So I researched it.

Sure enough, Fox News had that headline. Then outlets like CNN had “Shooter acquired gun legally…” Isn’t it interesting how neither of those headlines are particularly biased, yet they reveal a hidden bias inside? The articles, of course, were dripping with bias. (more…)


How to Get on My Good Side

Want to know the quickest way to get on my good side? It’s not exactly hard, but very few people are willing to do it. It’s to make your yes be yes, and your no be no.

That means, if you agree to do something, you follow through. You don’t make excuses, you just do it.

I’m so grateful I worked with folks like that who help me write and edit Sunday| Magazine. To be honest, I’d probably understand if some of the people on my writing team had to bail out occasionally because they get too busy. Some of them are in high demand. But I can think of a few solid people right now who always do what they said they would do, even when I know their lives are filled with chaos. (more…)


The Thing About Truck Drivers in Texas…

I’ve always loved borrowing friends’ trucks. For one reason, it makes me feel a bit more masculine than my baby blue Chevy Spark makes me feel. But the other reason is that I love the sense of community you feel on Texas roads when you’re driving a truck.

I haven’t experienced this phenomena elsewhere. But when you drive a big truck in Texas, other truck drivers give you the nod of approval as you drive by them. It’s its own little community—truck owners in Texas. I absolutely love it.

I experienced this same weird community event the other day when I was driving my Spark. I passed by another baby blue Chevy Spark, and the owner waved enthusiastically at me. It was like he was saying, “Look! We have something in common. We’re basically best friends!” (more…)


I’m Better than You

I’m not what you’d call a typical manly guy. I’m not mega outdoorsy and I’m not even that into sports. But, for the first time in my life, I own a house that has green grass. (In Texas, that’s a feat.)

So nearly every evening, you can find me outside with a hose in hand, keeping that grass looking lush. It’s become a source of pride for me. I hate to admit, but I even get a smug feeling when I see the yards of my neighbors on either side of me. My grass is slightly greener than theirs.

Never mind the guy across the street who has the best lawn and landscaping I’ve ever seen. I suspect he might dye his grass, because I’ve never seen grass so green in a Texas home. But again, I don’t really compare myself to him, because I know I won’t match up. Instead, I focus on the two on either side of me, who I can feel superior to. (more…)


Tweak It

I had an epiphany today about my book. I need to re-write it. (This is the book I’ve been feeling really insecure about.)

Now, rewriting the book might not change it that much. But I want to make one small tweak to my perspective while writing it, and I know that will make all the difference.

There’s an older book called The Tipping Point that suggests often the difference between success and mediocrity is one small thing. It’s that small thing that can tip the dominos over and get them all to fall into place. (more…)

world problems

The Problem with America’s Christianity

People say America was formed on Christian principles. It was created by a bunch of Bible believers, creating a place where we can finally worship freely without some annoying king breathing down our backs and oppressing us. There are some nuggets of truth in that.

But the problem is, the church has begun confusing American ideals with Christian ideals. For instance, in America, we stand up for ourselves. If we’re being oppressed, we rally the troops. We talk to the newspapers. We fight until our oppression ends.

However, that’s not what Jesus taught us. In fact, Jesus taught us to love our persecutors. He taught us to go the extra mile, even when we’re being unfairly treated. We were taught to forgive and submit to the authorities oppressing us. You have to remember, it was the Roman army in power during Jesus’ day. They oppressed the Jews, then after Jesus began murdering Christians. (more…)


The Most Insecure I’ve Been in a While

I’m reading through a book I just finished writing, making edits and doing some rewrites where necessary. And to be honest, I’m feeling pretty insecure about the project. I’m actually tempted to archive the book and forget about it.

There are a few reasons for this:

First, I already have a new book I’m excited about writing. I feel so strongly about the content in this new book and I’ve lost much of the excitement of the current book I’m editing. I’m tempted to simply abandon this and go with something more exciting and probably a bit more compelling to read. (more…)


Don’t Give Yourself an Out

I made the decision not to get a gym membership.

Since we moved into a new house, I’ve had a difficult time getting back into the rhythm of working out. I used to have a gym in my apartment complex, so even on hot days I’d just run on the treadmill in the gym. The new house is right next to an amazing running trail, but the weather hasn’t been particularly wonderful for running outdoors (unless you want to get up really early or get heat exhaustion).

But I really want to run. I really need to run. And to be honest, a gym membership will probably not make it easier for me to run. That’s why I elected not to get a gym membership. (more…)



I had coffee this morning with an entrepreneur. He’s creating a technology that’s going to revolutionize the lighting industry. His products do the same thing that $20,000 consoles do, for only about $1000. It was exciting to hear him talk about his company and show me a demo of the product.

I was trying to temper my advice, because I saw so many things I could add to the project. He could add this feature. Change the packaging to this. Name this product this…

I didn’t want to overwhelm him with options because I know that’s frustrating when you’re just trying to get your product out there. It’s easy to feel like you have to take and do something with every good bit of advice you receive. (more…)


Why Losing Something Isn’t Bad

One of the worst things we can do in life is to assume we know how it should go. Call it American ideals, but I think we all want to make a certain income, live in a certain type of abode, drive a car, watch TV, etc. There are these things that we all seem to assume make our lives livable.

But who told you life is supposed to be like that? One of my biggest fears is that my websites will stop making money and I’ll lose my new house. Then I’ll have to go live with my parents and feel like a failure. But who says that’s a bad thing?

I assume it’s bad because I live in bondage to the American ideal. But what if something like that were actually good for me. (more…)