This Millennial Ideal Could Save the Country

Jonathan Malm - November 14, 2016

People love to hate on Millennials. I actually admire them. I’ve seen the Millennial generation completely disrupt the world – I’d say in a positive way. Just look at the impact Millennials have had on traditional industries. The music industry is on its head. No longer are labels the only way for musicians to get their music out there. Being an independent artist is feasible. …

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3 Reasons God Looks Like He’s Always Changing

Jonathan Malm - November 10, 2016

Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God above, who created all heaven’s lights. Unlike them, He never changes or casts shifting shadows. (James 1:17) Allegedly, God doesn’t change. He stays the same throughout eternity. But why does our human experience seem to contradict that? Why does it seem like God is always changing? It seems His plan for us changes when we …

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The election is over. Now what do we do?

Jonathan Malm - November 9, 2016

I’m writing this from the past – Monday to be precise. I have no idea who won. But I’m convinced, no matter who it was, we should do these three things now. Whether your candidate lost or now holds the nuclear codes, these three things are your best option. 1. Pray If the other guy (or girl) won, it’s time to pray. And no, not …

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There Are No Easy Answers, But That’s Okay

Jonathan Malm - November 7, 2016

Anyone who offers you an easy answer to life’s complicated problems is trying to sell you something. And there’s a good chance you’re about to get duped, because life doesn’t really work that way. Despite what blogs offer you in their click-bait headlines or what the latest product offers: There are no easy answers. When I was looking at the platforms of each Presidential candidate, …

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These 3 Statements Are True of the World, but Only One Gives Peace

Jonathan Malm - November 3, 2016

Unless you’re living in complete denial, we know there’s something wrong with the world. It’s crazy chaotic and peace seems far away – both for our hearts and between people. In light of that, I’ve seen three different statements people have regarding the world. It’s their form of hope. And each of these statements are true, but only one can really bring peace to the world. The statements …

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3 Reasons Right Now is the Best Time to Be Alive

Jonathan Malm - November 2, 2016

You’re probably thinking: Jonathan, this is a horrible time to be alive. Haven’t you seen ISIS? All the racial tension and shootings happening? Have you seen our presidential candidates?! The scandals. The emails. The Tic Tacs… Right now is a crazy, peace-less time. I hear you. But I’m still convinced now is the most exciting time to be alive. Here’s why. Awareness We’ve never been more …

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What’s My Responsibility in an Angry Online Rant?

Jonathan Malm - October 31, 2016

Last Tuesday I posted a link to a quick article I wrote. It was a simple, “Top 10 Worship Songs Sung by Modern Churches” article. Then I got a comment. This is offensive quite honestly…modern churches as opposed to old fashioned???? Hmmm. I’ve written potentially offensive articles before. Didn’t think this one would have such an impact on someone. I questioned what my responsibility in …

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3 Things Everyone Needs to Remember as They Get Older

Jonathan Malm - October 27, 2016

If you’re like me, you’ve been discouraged at one time or another by the older generation. That’s why I’ve decided I won’t do that to the next generation. Here are three things I think we need to remember as we get older so we don’t make the same mistakes previous generations often do. As soon as you make a rule, someone will be the exception …

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3 Things I Wish Every Young Person Knew About Their Future

Jonathan Malm - October 26, 2016

High school is a mystical time. It’s a preparation time. But it’s also a sort of purgatory. You’re becoming an adult and people are telling you to start thinking about your future. But they also keep you so busy and “slap you with reality” so much that you can’t actually do anything yet. It’s especially true in high school, but I believe it’s true for …

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3 Things You Should Withhold if You Want to Gain Real Influence

Jonathan Malm - October 19, 2016

I stumbled onto a unique Youtube video this week. The title was “Why Jimmy Fallon Seems Fake“. Frankly, that topic was actually buried (it was his seeming fake laugh if you’re curious). But the video spent most of the time talking about why people love Jimmy Fallon. I found it fascinating. The narrator shared four things that make people love Jimmy Fallon, but it made …

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