3 Lies You’ll Hear When You Start Something New

Jonathan Malm - January 14, 2016
lies about doing something new

Got that business you want to launch? A book you want to write? An album you want to record? Some brand new invention? You can be sure that you’ll get some resistance. Any time you want to create something new, there are people who will feel threatened by that. Either that, or they don’t have the vision for it. So they’ll try to discourage you …

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3 Ways Religious Radicalism Could Save the World

Jonathan Malm - January 13, 2016
radical christians

When you think of the word “radicalism”, you often think of terrorism from Islamic radicals. The reason we associate the two concepts is that these radicals often take a literal reading of the Koran and take action on words like “Jihad”. They apply these literal concepts to their literal lives. Radicalism for them is about taking their holy texts seriously and doing something about them. …

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3 Things I Want to Tell the Church

Jonathan Malm - January 11, 2016

So many people are writing open letters to the church nowadays. They’re often scathing pieces about hypocrisy and the like. Unfortunately, many of those who are writing the letters have completely removed themselves from the church. So, to be honest, it doesn’t give much authority to their words. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to listen to someone who isn’t trying to …

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The 1 Secret Massively Successful People Understand

Jonathan Malm - January 7, 2016
success secret

One of things I love about Americans is their optimism. It’s not true of everyone, but so many Americans believe they’ll be able to rich and successful one day. Some might plan on winning the lottery, while others plan on creating some new product that sweeps the nation. By and large, Americans see themselves as a few smart moves away from incredible wealth. Unfortunately, the …

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7 Things Happy People Do

Jonathan Malm - January 6, 2016
happy people

More money might contribute to happiness, but it isn’t a guarantee. Neither are possessions, friends, family… They all contribute. But no external thing will ever make you happy. It’s all about the internal. And unfortunately, just being a Christian doesn’t mean happiness. Ideally, if you’re submitting to the Holy Spirit’s work in your life, you’ll experience joy. And ultimately, that should be the goal of …

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3 Ways to Thrive in Your Current City

Jonathan Malm - December 30, 2015
how to love your city

My teenage years were split between two towns: Kerrville and Corpus Christi, Texas. One was a small retirement town, while the other was a coastal town on the way to nowhere. Neither had a great music scene. Both experienced the brain drain of young people leaving as soon as they graduated high school and college. And most of my friends couldn’t wait to get out of …

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4 Things that Will Truly Make America Great

Jonathan Malm - December 28, 2015
America great

Loads of politicians run on the platform of making America the greatest nation on earth. But have you noticed that no matter how many economic or political changes we make, nothing seems to really change? We’re still in massive social turmoil. But I believe there are four things that, if we all adopted them, would make America truly great. And they have nothing to do with …

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5 Things I Love About Joel Osteen

Jonathan Malm - December 10, 2015
Joel Osteen

I know half of the people reading this blog post are already ready to scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment about this guy. Joel Osteen. He’s a controversial figure in Christianity. While he is probably one of the most influential pastors in the US, he’s also one of the most hated. But regardless of where you stand on the guy, there are …

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3 Reasons Your Political Stance Could Be Ruining Your Christian Witness

Jonathan Malm - December 9, 2015
christian political witness

Any time a “Christian” politician, leader, or news pundit makes a strong statement, I cringe a bit. Lately, it seems like the visible statements by these folks are inflammatory at best. But worse than that, the folks who report on it all seem to think that the person’s statement reflects what all Christians feel. It’s hurting all of our Christian witnessing opportunities. Of course, that leads me to …

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3 Things Every Church Member Should Do

Jonathan Malm - December 7, 2015
church membership

How do you get mice out of a church building? You make them members, then you’ll never see them again. It’s a sad, but funny joke pastors tell about the annoyance of church membership. The truth is, being on a membership list at your church doesn’t really mean you’re a church member. It just means you have voting privileges. If you want to really be …

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