5 Social Taboos that Are Totally Worth Breaking

Jonathan Malm - May 4, 2016
social taboos

I’m not a fan of being weird just to be weird. But I do believe there are some social taboos we have that aren’t necessarily worth keeping. Trying to stay within these social norms makes many people unhappy or feel unnecessary pressure. Here are a few social taboos I think are totally worth ignoring. 1. Unfriending someone who makes your life miserable. If someone continually leaves …

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The Three Best Types of Life-Gambles

Jonathan Malm - May 2, 2016
life gambles

Life is a series of risks. I believe you can’t do anything of true worth unless you’re willing to risk. But there are three categories of life-risks available to you. Over the last few months, I’ve been working my way through all three, figuring out how they impact my life and the success I’m working toward. Here are the three life-gambles and what they mean for …

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A Hetero, Married Man’s Guide to Man Crushes

Jonathan Malm - April 28, 2016
man crushes

My wife has come to accept the fact that I get the occasional man crush. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically when one man thinks another man is so cool that he can’t stop talking about him. It’s just a silly way to say you admire the person. And it happens to me a lot. Perhaps that’s because I’ve lately been surrounded by …

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The Big Lesson Millennials Can Teach the Church

Jonathan Malm - April 27, 2016

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about the problem with Millennials – the older generation finds them difficult to work with and often sees them as an entitled bunch. That might be true, but I’m convinced Millennials have something to teach the church that no other generation has. In fact, I’m convinced every generation has the opportunity to understand a facet of the Gospel that …

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3 Questions I Ask that Get Me into Deep Conversation

Jonathan Malm - April 25, 2016

This morning I hopped in the back of an Uber driver’s car for a 10 minute drive. In that time, we talked about his autistic daughter, how he wished he had learned Spanish, his time in the Air Force, how his wife almost died a couple of years ago, and his father-in-law who has just now adjusted to the fact that his white daughter married …

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The Most Humiliating Moment of My Professional Life

Jonathan Malm - April 21, 2016

I’m about to get real with you. My hope is that you can see my transparency, see my humiliation, and find hope through my embarrassment. I was speaking at a conference. I normally get paid to speak, but agreed to do this gig for free. Fortunately, I got to bring a friend along, so I figured I’d at least get to show him how cool …

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3 Things I’m Doing to Give Me More Time to Think

Jonathan Malm - April 20, 2016
time to think

My job is coming up with ideas. I plan close to 10 blog post ideas each week. Then I have to come up with new ideas for my own books. That gets difficult after having done this for a few years. At times, it feels like there aren’t enough ideas to keep up this pace. But the ideas keep coming. That doesn’t mean I don’t work …

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Reasons Fame is Overrated

Jonathan Malm - April 18, 2016
fame or influence

I’m not world-famous like Kanye West. I’m not even Christian-famous like Chris Tomlin. But in certain small circles, I get a small glimpse of what it’s like to be famous. At certain conferences of about 1000 people from a tiny niche in Christianity, people know who I am. Not gonna lie, it’s fun. But at the same time, this whole “fame” thing isn’t what people …

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5 Embarrassing Things from the Church I’m Glad I Experienced

Jonathan Malm - April 14, 2016
embarrassing church experiences

I wrote a book a couple of years back called Unwelcome. It’s basically 50 things I’ve experienced in churches that make me not want to return. It’s a super valuable resource for churches. At the same time, though, I’m kind of grateful for those 50 things—and not just because it gave me something to write about. There are a few things I’ve learned from these …

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3 Good Things God Wants to Take Away from You

Jonathan Malm - April 13, 2016
good things

Can loss be a good thing? I believe so. Of course, that’s easy to say from behind a computer screen. It’s harder to say to the guy who just got fired. Or to the person whose car was stolen. Or to the person who had the huge opportunity that was pulled away from them at the last second. We all know God wants to take …

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