3 Surprising Facts About Published Authors

Jonathan Malm - June 27, 2016
published authors

Back in September of 2014, I joined an elite club of folks who have had a book published by a well-known publisher. I found out, quickly, the things I thought about published authors weren’t all that true. And as I get into more conversations with people who ask me about the process, I find I’m not the only one who had these misconceptions. Here are a …

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3 Times You Don’t Need God’s Creativity

Jonathan Malm - June 23, 2016
gods creativity

God created all and sustains us all. So in a sense, we can’t do anything without Him. The Bible says as much. But if I were honest, most of the things I do in my everyday life don’t require close reliance on God. These three things, in fact. 1. When things are going well. When things are going well, it’s easy for me to forget about …

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4 Places to Meet People Who Will Inspire You

Jonathan Malm - June 22, 2016
inspiring people

Need inspiration? The two things that will push you forward are the books you read and the people you meet. And while a book might be a good start, I think people are the key to living an inspired life. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find those inspirational people to surround yourself with. Here are four places I’ve discovered inspirational people seem to hang …

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5 Bad Moments that Are Opportunities in Disguise

Jonathan Malm - June 16, 2016

We can’t control our circumstances. But we can choose how we react to them. I’m convinced there are actually opportunities found within some of the worst circumstances. Here are five moments in particular I believe can be opportunities in disguise. 1. When you’re bored. When you’re bored, you can either choose to watch TV or you can do something useful with your time. The decisions you …

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The 4 Worst Ways to Respond to Tragedy on Social Media

Jonathan Malm - June 15, 2016

I already posted 3 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing After Tragedies, but it seems like there are new things every time a tragedy strikes that need to stop. So if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share a few things we need to stop doing on social media after tragedies like the Orlando Shooting happen. 1. Memes Memes about the tragedy are never the …

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4 Mistakes People Make When Dealing with Younger Generations

Jonathan Malm - June 9, 2016

The world loves to talk to Millennials and Generation Z about learning how to conform to the “real world” they’re entering. But I think older generations have just as much they need to work on as the new generation. These are four things I’ve seen the older generation mistakenly do. (Not all – in fact some older folks are absolutely killing it.) 1. They don’t learn …

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3 Ways Christians Are Blessed (Besides Prosperity)

Jonathan Malm - June 8, 2016
blessings prosperity

I’ve always had a problem with the prosperity gospel. Having enough faith won’t give you the house of your dreams and a private jet. It doesn’t work like that. If it did, Christians would have that stuff, and non-Christians wouldn’t. In fact, in Matthew 5:45, Jesus says that God blesses unbelievers and believers equally. “For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the …

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3 Ways to Build a Personal Brand without Being Phony

Jonathan Malm - June 6, 2016
personal brand without being phony

The new generation understands the value of the personal brand. Previously, personal brands were the things of celebrities, authors, or other public figures. But now, often the best business opportunities are available to those with the best personal brands. By establishing some sort of public persona, you can make yourself visible to potential employers or other great potentialities. But how do you build a brand …

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