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My Websites Couldn’t Handle the Pressure

Last Tuesday all my websites broke. For about an hour, nobody could get to any of them. I host all my sites on the same computer, and on Tuesday I just got too many visitors. is currently my biggest source of traffic. It sees around 14,000 views/day. The rest are growing, but most only receive about 1,000 views/day.

Well on Tuesday, my new stock photo site for blogger, saw a big increase in traffic. My friend Dustin Stout (a Google+ expert) wrote a blog post about He opened the floodgates and sent a bunch of people my way. Great! Except I was completely unprepared for it. My websites broke. And it was all my fault. (more…)


I Sold Pheromone Perfume at My First Job

If you aren’t familiar with pheromone perfume, let me educate you. Pheromones are the chemicals all living things release while mating. It’s a chemical that’s supposed to stimulate attraction between sexes. And there are a few types of perfumes that (supposedly) make use of these chemicals in their recipes to maximize attraction.

That’s what I helped sell in my first job. I was fourteen. I barely even knew what sex was.

Now, that wasn’t the only product I sold. And I didn’t actually directly sell these products. I just helped market the companies that did. I worked for an Internet marketing company, and part of our job was search engine optimization. (more…)


You Don’t Need Other People

Did you know the average book—sold through a publisher—sells around 500 copies. When you take into account the phenomenal sellers that make the New York Times list…that means most books sell less than that. Most sell 400 or below.

I wrote a short e-book that sold 500 copies in less than two months. And no, it wasn’t free. It wasn’t even a book that has broad appeal. It’s for church workers who create sermon series’—very small audience. And I did it all without a publisher.

The world is a different place. I can, on my own, sell as many copies as I could with a publisher. (more…)


Why I Wear Cologne When My Wife Isn’t Around

I work from home. For some of my friends, that means not wearing pants. All day. It’s a liberty self employment affords to the fortunate few.

But not me. Each morning I get ready the same way I would for church. I don a button down shirt, fix my hair, and even wear a few squirts of cologne. Now, most days I don’t see a single person until my wife gets home around 6pm. But I still go through the routine each morning. Why? (more…)


Am I Helping People Less?

In January, I wrote about my new goal for the year. I plan to do less, and to get more results from doing less. That means I’ll be refining everything I do until I’m only doing the things that are most effective for me. I’m stopping a lot of things.

But does that mean I help less people? Does that mean I say no when people ask for my involvement in their projects or my assistance? No.

I’ve actually said yes to every project people ask me to be involved in. I’ve agreed to write an e-book with a company. I’ve agreed to speak at two conferences—one in India. I’ve even agreed to help my church with their stage designs.  But at the same time I’m doing less. Let me explain… (more…)


3 Things Lakewood Church Does Right

My wife gave me a brilliant idea. She suggested, each time I visit a church, I share on my blog three things the church did right. I always look for these sorts of things when I visit a church, so it was a great suggestion.

I don’t visit churches nearly as often as I’d like. But I figured, as it happens, I could share my findings with you—my audience. Regardless of how you feel about Joel Osteen, his church is reaching people. And any time a white man can reach a crowd as diverse as you find in Lakewood’s seats, you know there’s something there.

Joel wasn’t speaking last Sunday, and this blog isn’t about him at all. It’s about the structural and creative things they did that any church can learn from. So without further ado, here are my three things I think Lakewood does really well. (more…)


How to Be a Coffee Cupper

Did you know there’s a job called coffee cupping. Coffee cuppers are the folks who sample coffee and see if it’s good. They evaluate the tastes and brightness and aroma…then share their findings. It’s how I know which type of unroasted coffee beans to buy—based on the cupping score.

I’m always fascinated hearing about these types of jobs. They’re the type you can’t really go to school for. There’s not necessarily a set degree plan if you plan to become a cupper. More than that, no kids grow up wanting to be cuppers. It won’t be turned into a TNT drama. But it’s a dream job for almost everyone who has the job.

The reason I get so fascinated hearing about these types of jobs is because it reminds me of my job. My job is my dream job. But I had no idea this even existed when I was a kid. And I still don’t even know what to call what I do. (more…)


You’re Going Out of Style

Did you know Hillsong United released a remixed techno album? I actually enjoy it. Then this Tuesday, Jesus Culture is releasing their own remixed techno album. Dubstep worship. Interesting.

I had one worship leader friend say, “If this is where worship is heading, I give up. I’m too old for this.” I think that reflects many people’s perspectives on changing fashions and styles. Many are struggling to deal with and accept things like Snap Chat, modern fashions, and most definitely Dubstep worship. How do you deal with it? (more…)


Echo + Echo = Sunday| Mag

I just published the 25th issue of Sunday| Mag on Saturday. Yep, I’ve now been doing this thing for over two years.

With the new issue, I launched a redesign. It wasn’t just a facelift. It was in preparation of a new asset joining me in making it happen.

On Monday, I welcomed Scott McClellan on board to help me make the project even better. You might know him as the previous director of Echo, who I took over for when he stepped down. I began chatting with him about the option quite a few months ago, and was excited when he said he’d love to join me. (more…)


Obsessed Much?

My wife, sister-in-law, and longtime friend got together to watch a movie the other night. They made it a girls’ night out. Apparently, while they were together, the topic of my obsessive nature came up. My wife told me about the conversation later that night.

They discussed my obsessions with coffee, puzzles, board games, Harry Potter…the list went on and on. Yes, I prefer roasting my own Ethopian coffee beans. Yes, I own more puzzles than pairs of socks. Yes, I own three different versions of the game Risk (original, 1985, and current version). And yes, I’ve imagined what my patronus might be.

I can’t help it. When I find out about something new, I have to eek every bit of knowledge and experience out of it. When I find out there are experiences, flavors, and fun I’ve never heard about…I have to dive into that. So when I found out there’s a whole segment of the population obsessed with different varieties of black pepper…that quickly became my next obsession. (more…)