4 Reasons You Don’t Finish Devotionals

Jonathan Malm - November 4, 2015

If you’re like me, you probably have a devotional graveyard on your bookshelf. It’s filled with half-read books. And there they sit, mocking your inability to finish something as a book that helps you grow closer to God. Up until recently, I hadn’t been able to finish a single devotional. And it’s because I did the following things. But once I started changing the way I approach …

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Why a Christian Hypocrite Isn’t Really a Thing

Jonathan Malm - November 2, 2015
christian hypocrite

One of the biggest accusations leveled against the Church is that it’s full of hypocrites. But if that’s the case, those hypocrites are just hanging out in the building. They aren’t actually who the Church is for. I think if you’re actively seeking Jesus, it’s impossible to be a hypocrite. Let me explain: Christian means ‘little Christ’. And if we’re supposed to be perfect creatures …

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6 Ways to Be the Type of Person People Love to Be Around

Jonathan Malm - October 29, 2015
being a great friend

As an extrovert, I’m obsessed with being the type of person people want to be around. Since I work from home, it’s my only hope for scratching that extroverted itch. If I’m not out at a coffee shop each week, I’m at home alone crying my way through my office work. I’ve noticed the people I want to be around the most do a few things …

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5 Lies Christians Believe About Politics

Jonathan Malm - October 28, 2015

I hesitate to write a post like this, because I know this will be a serious bee in some people’s bonnets. But my hope is that we can think through some of the things we believe about politics. I also realize this is a rather emotional issue for many. For that reason, realize, I’m not trying to anger anyone. In fact, I believe I’m writing …

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5 Friends from Childhood We All Still Need

Jonathan Malm - October 26, 2015
childhood friends

Every now and then I think back to when I was a child. I especially think about the friends I had. It makes me a bit nostalgic, because I miss some of those people. They were actually positive influences in my life. They helped me deal with bullies, overcome conflict, and even made me a better person. I wish they were still in my life. …

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7 Lessons I Learned as a Young Leader

Jonathan Malm - October 21, 2015
young leader

When I was 21 years old, I was the sole worship leader at a 600-member church. I had barely graduated college, and I found myself a young leader—the youngest pastor in the organization. Needless to say, there was a steep learning curve. I learned quite a bit in the first few years of being a young leader, but seven lessons particularly stood out to me. Hopefully you can …

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7 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing on Social Media

Jonathan Malm - October 19, 2015
christians and social media

I spend more time on social media than I do talking to real people. I’m willing to bet you do too. And unfortunately, Christians are sometimes the worst people to encounter on social media. Hey, I’ve been guilty of it too. It shouldn’t be this way. Just like Christians should be magnetic in real life, we should be the ones everyone wants on their friend …

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What is a Hero?

Jonathan Malm - October 14, 2015

Many times we look at people who have endured pain and we say, “That person is a hero.” But pain isn’t the thing that determines a hero. It’s not what makes us celebrate them and want to pattern our lives after theirs. Bad things happen to each of us. The stuff hits the fan, and one thing will determine whether or not we will be …

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Bandaid Christianity

Jonathan Malm - October 12, 2015
no quick fix

Here’s the thing about Christianity: The charge has been primarily led by men. Pastors, mostly males, set most of what we believe about God and the Christian life. Unfortunately, men tend to be fixers. We don’t like things we can’t hammer, tighten, or duct tape. We like the quick fix. But life doesn’t really work that way. Yes, there are stories of people being healed …

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It’s Time Christians Pray for Injustice

Jonathan Malm - October 6, 2015

How many here love justice? Looking around the room, I see every hand raised. Justice feels good, doesn’t it? Christians like when things are fair. But here’s the thing: Scripture never called us to love justice. In fact, it tells us to love mercy instead. We are supposed to act in justice, but we aren’t called to pray for it. I’ve been reading in the Bible the …

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