5 Articles Christians Need to Stop Reading (and Sharing)

Jonathan Malm - April 11, 2016
articles christians

It’s a weird dynamic. A tragedy happens, everyone is grieving, and then someone writes a blog post about it and gets massive traffic. Massive ad dollars. They gained wealth from the tragedy. I don’t believe any bloggers or sites write their articles thinking about that at first. But as you’re in this world long enough, you realize your income depends on clicks. So you make articles …

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3 Things to Do While You’re Waiting

Jonathan Malm - April 7, 2016

I never really anticipate waiting. So it always catches me off guard, when I’m at the doctor’s office, that I have nothing to do for 20 minutes. So I often pull out my phone to play a game or check social media… I basically waste 20 minutes of my life doing something useless. Are you like me? It’s something that happens to all of us. We’re waiting …

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3 Self-Defeating Habits that Are Holding You Back

Jonathan Malm - April 6, 2016

Today I have four emails I need to send. They’re big requests, and my fear is that I’ll get a “no” on every one of them. So I’m putting it off. I’m procrastinating. To be honest, I’m considering just giving up and not sending the emails at all. Have you ever been there? You want to give up before you even start? That’s self-defeating, but we …

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5 Steps to Escape from an Impending Argument

Jonathan Malm - April 4, 2016

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen that singular moment when something’s triggered in a discussion that turns it into a raging inferno of argument. Whether it’s a Facebook comment battle, a spat with a spouse, or a political discussion over coffee—we’ve all seen the frightening things that can happen when people start arguing irrationally. Once you’ve seen the discussion cross over into argument territory, how …

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3 Reasons Being “Professional” is Overrated

Jonathan Malm - March 31, 2016

I have a friend who is all business. He frequently runs our conversations through his assistant, and he generally approaches our relationship as a business transaction. To be honest, I’m not that interested in working with him. His professionalism is killing our relationship. I learned in college the key to success was dressing to impress, networking frequently, and being professional. I’ve spent the last ten …

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7 Signs Your “Friend” isn’t Really a Friend

Jonathan Malm - March 28, 2016
real friends

We all need real friends in our lives. But how do you know someone’s actually a beneficial friend and not just a life-sucker? A lot of us deal with fake friends in our lives. They might look like real friends, but when it comes down to it, they just aren’t there for us. I get it: We all have bad days. That’s the value of friendship—having …

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How to Play Career Politics Without Losing Your Soul

Jonathan Malm - March 24, 2016
career politics

Let’s face it, unless your self-employed, the way you relate with your coworkers and boss pretty much determines how successful you are. It’s not always the most skilled employee that gets promoted; it’s the one everyone likes. Office politics. For some, this comes naturally. For others, it feels like a dreadful evil of the workplace. But I’m convinced everyone can learn to play career politics, …

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7 Phrases that Will Turn You Into Anyone’s Best Friend

Jonathan Malm - March 23, 2016

Want to be everyone’s best friend? Incorporate these seven sentences into your everyday conversations. Seriously, employees, the boss that hates you will start loving you. Mothers-in-law, your daughter-in-law will want to spend all their time with you if you say these things. Men, your wife will finally see how amazing you are if you start saying: You can do it I believe in you You’re doing …

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3 Reasons It’s Okay that People Don’t Get You

Jonathan Malm - March 21, 2016

Before I started my last job, my new employer gave me a personality test. Then on my first day, he brought me into his office and we discussed the results. “You scored unreasonably high in one area of this profile. The guy who helped me interpret the results said nobody scores that high. He told me you might be a little insane,” he said with …

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