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We’re Better Working Together

You probably know, if you read my blog frequently, that I have a book coming out September 1st. It’s a devotional for creative minds. (Seriously, why haven’t you pre-ordered it yet?)

But you probably don’t know I have two other books in development. One book, Church Marketing Sucks is partnering with me on to publish. The other, I just finished the first draft on (no publisher yet).

How can I have three books in the works at once? Is my head about to explode? Do have all those thoughts swimming around in my head at once? Nope. I can work on so many books at once because I have people I trust to work on them with me. (more…)


The Weird Thing About Self-Confidence

My book releases in less than a month. There’s nothing I can do about that timeline. On September 1st, it’ll be out in the real world where people are free to love it or hate it.

I find I’m in this weird nervous position. I’m terrified that nobody will buy my book. I mean, sure, a few people will buy my book. My parents, a few friends, and a couple devoted fans of But will anyone else pick this thing up?

I know it probably won’t be a NY Times Bestseller. I’m realistic. But what if, far missing that mark, it only sells 200 copies. In the publishing world, that’s a complete flop. I’ll probably never get another book deal again. (Not sure this is true…But it’s what’s going on in my head. So just go with me.) (more…)


The Dilemma of Brilliance

As an artist, I have a desire to show the world a color that’s never been seen before. Yet when I think back to the last time I was blown away by a sunset, I’d already seen and experienced every color in that scene.

It’s tempting to think that the key to impacting people is to show them something they’ve never seen before. But that just isn’t the case. There’s this brilliance in simplicity that surpasses anything new. In fact, I believe true brilliance is the ability to present simplicity.

Let me illustrate it this way. I went to a church in Dallas called Fellowship Church. Ed Young, the pastor, is really well known. He speaks at conferences, sells thousands of books, and is frequently a guest on TV shows. And if you listened to him preach, you’d realize he doesn’t say anything all that new. He doesn’t delve the depths of theology in his messages. There’s depth in his messages, but nothing particularly new. (more…)


Does God Make Your Dream Come True?

So God’s given you a dream. Here’s a question for you: Are you supposed to make this dream come true or is God?

There are some people who think God makes it all happen. They think that if you make it happen on your own you aren’t trusting in God. Then there are others who think you have to make it happen yourself. God may have give you the dream but it’s your responsibility to make it happen.

There are two cool stories in the Bible I think of when it comes to this idea of making your own dreams come true. The first is the story of Abraham. The second is the story of the Israelites. (more…)


Everything You Need to Know About My Upcoming Book

Hey guys! I have a book coming out September 1st. It’s already on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CBD for pre-order. Because it’s a bit different than other books, I thought I’d let you know exactly what it’s about and why you should read it.

I started on this book a couple of years ago as a project for creative people. I’ve noticed creative Christians—especially in the Church—often have a difficult time. We have an innate desire for greatness and a desire to make a difference in the world, but we aren’t sure how that fits into the Christian walk.

  • Is greatness something we should try for? Or is that rooted in arrogance?
  • How can I make a difference with my art?
  • What do I do when others don’t respect my skills, drives, and passions?

I’ve also seen that creative people who work in churches often feel the furthest from God. They spend their days creating their very best for the church, but they have a hard time feeling connected to their creator. I’ve found many of my creative friends have never even been able to successfully finish reading a devotional. (more…)


Another Emergency Room Visit?

I finally made the decision. I’d go to CrossFit with my wife.

She’s been wanting me to try it for a while. I’ve been nervous. Last time I tried a CrossFit-type workout I wound up in the Emergency Room at 3am an experienced a rather traumatic night.

But as a gesture of love and as a realization that my belly fat was stubbornly holding on, I decided to take the plunge. I went to my first CrossFit class. The coach didn’t really allow me to use any weights because it was my first time. He wanted me to focus on technique (which meant squatting in a corner making sure my back was straight). (more…)


I Waste a Lot of Time

You’ll see on the left side of my blog, here, the projects I publicize. These are my pet projects that bring in the majority of my income. But I bet you didn’t know I have more projects than these. I actually have quite a few that nobody even knows are mine.

They’re experiments. I try something just to see if it works. I thought I’d share a few of the projects I have started that have been a complete waste of time. Then I hope to show you that perhaps they weren’t as much of a wast of time as they might seem. (more…)


When Is Your Idea Ready?

On Friday, I uploaded my thousandth photo to my website, If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a stock photo site for bloggers and social media mavens. You pay $5/month and get unlimited photo downloads from the site for whatever you need.

Back in August 2013, before I started the site, I was contemplating how successful the site could be. I was pretty sure I would be sitting pretty when I had over 1,000 photos on the site for people to download. To me, that was the threshold where people would see value in the site. In fact, I was tempted to wait until I had the 1,000 photos before I started making it available to the public.

I’m so glad I didn’t wait. It would have been almost a year before anything actually happened on the site. And I’m willing to bet I would have been discouraged in that year of very little progress. (more…)


It Was Almost Too Creative…

I’d say I’m a very creative individual. I might not be massively athletic… I might not be the greatest musician… There are many things I’m not. But I am very creative.

And I owe much of my creativity to my dad. He’s a very creative individual. He’s the creative giant upon whose shoulders I stand.

Unfortunately, because I’ve grown up around creativity all my life, I find myself thinking two and three steps ahead of other people. This is unfortunate because a lot of my most creative ideas don’t land. They come across as weird. They come across as a “what just happened” moment. Let me give you an example. (more…)


How Do You Know If Your Dream is From God?

As a child, I wanted to be so many different things. I had thousands of dreams swirling in my head. It was like one of those spinning fireworks were whirling in my head—each spark representing a dream or idea for my future.

There was a season where I wanted to be a world famous magician. I wasted hundreds of dollars at magic shops and I nearly drove all my friends away, because I couldn’t help but show them the latest illusion I mastered. That vision for my life lasted a year or two.

Then there was a time I wanted to be a stunt man. I killed many brain cells by rolling down large hills and jumping out of moving vehicles. That dream lasted until my mom put an end to it. (more…)