4 Opportunities You Should Look for During Conflict

Jonathan Malm - March 15, 2017

I’ve been reading through the book of Acts. One of the thing that struck me was that immediately after the Church was founded, conflict happened. Peter – our hero of a disciple – got a verbal smackdown from Paul for being a hypocrite. Then Paul splits from Barnabas, his traveling companion, later on. If Paul, the guy who was singly and supernaturally tutored by Jesus, …

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For When You Ask: Should I Compliment This Person

Jonathan Malm - March 9, 2017

The answer is almost always yes, you should compliment that person. Unless you’re a sleazy guy wanting to comment on a girl’s physique, compliments are great. You might be asking, “But what if the compliment goes to their head?” I have a story to illustrate. When I was in college, I also worked on staff at a church as the worship leader. I was young …

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What to Do When the World is Catching on Fire

Jonathan Malm - March 9, 2017

It seems like every day my newsfeed is filled with people who think the world is ending. Trump did this… Planned Parenthood did that… The CIA hacked us all… Unfortunately, the end of the world will be the least productive time of our lives. We’ll lack all motivation to do anything, because what does it matter anyways? Here are three quotes (and tips) from Martin …

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The 4 Perspectives You Need to Succeed in Life

Jonathan Malm - March 7, 2017

I believe the more perspectives you have in life, the more chance you have of success. No problem is one-dimensional or even two. There’s a lot of complexity to life, and perspective helps you get a grasp on it. Here are four perspectives I think are absolutely necessary if you hope to live the most successful life you can. 1. An outside perspective. If you …

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3 Things People Will Always Try to Steal from You

Jonathan Malm - February 28, 2017

Unless you’re planning to live life like a hermit, you’re going to get some relational bumps and bruises. Even well-meaning people will chip away at God’s purpose for your life if you aren’t careful. Here are three things people will steal from you if you let them. You have to be vigilant. 1. Your courage. Even Christians can steal your courage. People do it through discouragement. Dis-courage. …

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The 5 Best Ways to Disagree With Someone

Jonathan Malm - February 23, 2017

You’re never going to agree with every sermon your pastor preaches. You certainly won’t agree with each blog post that online magazine prints. And there’s a good chance you won’t agree with half of your Facebook friends’ political views. And that’s okay. It’s okay to disagree with someone. I’m actually the type of person that believes people bond through conflict. However, that bonding can only …

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3 Predictions I Have for the Future of Churches

Jonathan Malm - February 22, 2017

Studies and blog posts are everywhere predicting the decline of the American church. “Churches are dying!” But I’ve actually experienced the exact opposite. I’ve experienced churches barely able to contain the growth God is sending their way. So while some churches might be declining in attendance, I see a brand new generation of churches growing exponentially. And here’s where I see the churches going, and …

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3 Truths About Gifts from God

Jonathan Malm - February 20, 2017

I do a lot of thinking about coffee. Between roasting my own, brewing it on my custom coffee bar, and working from coffee shops around time, the seed of the coffee plant dominates a bunch of my mental space. I’d call coffee a gift from God. But exploring the discovery and use of coffee has led me to a few truths about the gifts we get from …

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How to Successfully Question Your Faith

Jonathan Malm - February 15, 2017

I’m convinced crises of faith aren’t a bad thing. I believe each crisis of faith is an opportunity for God to show you something about Him that no one else can see. You just have to survive it. You have to navigate the questions with wisdom and skill. Here are three things you should do to make sure you come out on the other end with …

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You Can’t Truly Love Others Unless You Do These 3 Things

Jonathan Malm - February 13, 2017

Love love love love love. That’s what Christians say over and over again. We love God. We love the world. We love each other. But I’ve seen a few things that completely obliterate this concept of love in many Christians’ lives. It turns “love” into a nice word with no real power. If you’re going to truly love others – your neighbors, your family, your …

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