Comedy with No Sound

Jonathan Malm - September 30, 2011

Remove to Improve

Jonathan Malm - September 30, 2011

Denny Weinman: Playlist

Jonathan Malm - September 30, 2011

Today in the Community Pool we’ll check out some of the songs that get Denny Weinman’s creative juices flowing. Music has an uncanny ability to stimulate our emotions. Get your emotions soaring with these beautiful songs.

Phoenix – 1901 (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube kiQppszlXrg]

Kavinsky & Lovefox – Nightcall (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube MV_3Dpw-BRY]

Imogen Heap – Wait it Out (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube nNbTW0lhR1Y]

Amusement Parks on Fire – Local Boy Makes God (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube cTjEIexJj-c]

1000 Robota – Ich blicke an dir vorbei (Buy on iTunes)
[tentblogger-youtube sRmMTEzz514]

Friendly Fires – Jump in the Pool (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube ofRCldHb7X0]

Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood (Buy on Amazon MP3)
[tentblogger-youtube 0-CEfY9CDLw]

About Denny:
Denny is an amazing stage designer working at a church in South Carolina. Check out some of his stage design work at Church Stage Design Ideas. You can also check out his blog about faith, technology and creativity at