Nobody Does it the “Right” Way

Jonathan Malm - October 9, 2013

I Have to Remind Myself to Make Money

Jonathan Malm - October 9, 2013

How to Be Better than Good

Jonathan Malm - October 9, 2013

Everyone knows how to be a good employee. You do what’s required of you. You do what people expect. That keeps your boss and others satisfied. Simple.

Thus the way to become a better than good employee is to do more than what’s required. Obvious. That’s the way you get raises and promotions. That’s the way people remember you and recommend you to others.

But so often we forget this concept when it applies to our creativity and projects. I’m a firm believer in always giving a little something extra in everything I do. Usually that’s humor. On CSDI I try to add humorous names or clever remarks in the posts. It adds a little extra. But with I found a different way to add an extra.

With each photo in the site, I include great quotes. Instead of simply adding the photo to the library and tagging the appropriate search terms, I search for good quotes to include (that contain those search terms). While yes, it assists in searching for the photo, it also makes my bloggers’ and social media mavens’ lives easier.

You can literally browse the site, find a photo you like, then get inspired to write. The quote can become a launching point for a blog post or inspirational quote on social media. It’s an added benefit. It’s a little extra that nobody expects from the site.

I love how Mail Chimp used to do it. At the top of each page they included a fun viral video or link to help inspire you or make you laugh. It’s extra. And I believe it’s part of why they’ve been so successful.

I bought a photo accessory from a company, and they included a Stow-away-asaurus in the package. It was a simple plastic dinosaur…but it was an unexpected extra.

So I ask you: How can you provide a little extra in your work? How can you make it better than good?

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