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Jonathan Malm - June 13, 2017

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Jonathan Malm - June 13, 2017

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Jonathan Malm - June 13, 2017

At times it feels like the world is filled with people all fighting over scraps – especially in business. Someone has an idea, then about 50 other copycats hop on the scene and there’s instant competition. I’m all for competition and the mechanism of free market, but when everyone copies an idea, there’s very little innovation happening.

I believe on word can change all that. And I believe it can change it in your life too. The word?


There’s tons of negativity in this world. Tons of discouragement. But when you can add this three letter word at the end, it turns negativity into opportunity.

That hasn’t worked… yet.
Nobody would buy that… yet.
Kids aren’t interested in the things of God… yet.

Whatever your situation – ministry, relationally, or career – I believe remembering that three letter word can make all the difference.

Something has never worked, maybe because the time was wrong. Maybe because they never actually tried it. Maybe because they were the wrong person. Maybe because circumstances were different.

Take that three letter word, and evaluate it. Why does the negative statement exist? Then figure out the opportunity. Just because nobody’s done something doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Just because something has always been one way doesn’t mean it can’t be a new way.

Believers have the opportunity of hope: to see the world one way, but trusting it can change.

Let’s be agents of change. Let’s see the negative thought process in this world, but append that word “yet” to each statement. Then let’s explore and discover what things can change and how we can be part of that change.

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