009 – Air Travel

This podcast episode dives into the following topics: – What happens when you try to sneak a grenade past airport security. – What happens when someone dies on a flight. – What’s the deal with support animals on planes? – How they determine how much a POS needs to pay for their seat.

006 – Llamas

When was the last time you thought about llamas? If you’re Joel and Jonathan, the answer is “recently”. That’s the topic of this week’s podcast. The brothers talk about the different types of llamas, what happens when you kiss a camel, and what you can surmise from seeing a naked llama.

003 – Humor

Joel and Jonathan are some of the funniest people they know. So who better to talk about humor than them? In this episode, hear about Joel’s failed attempt at stand up comedy, Jonathan’s preferred formula for humor, and the brothers’ favorite jokes.

002 – Extroversion/Introversion

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Joel and Jonathan fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. Listen in as they talk about their experiences and some common misconceptions people have on the topic. Don’t worry… While Joel is talking about dopamine, opposites attracting, and pre-frontal cortexes, Jonathan is trying to find a way to…