We live in a polarized world. We want everything to fit in box A or B, option 1 or 2. Fight or flight. Black or white. Left or right. But Jesus regularly shattered restrictions and presented a third, hidden option.

Our God is bigger than just two options, and the same creativity Jesus used in finding the third option is available to you, whether you consider yourself creative or not. By learning to find the hidden option, you can become a better spouse, a better employee, a better friend, and even a better follower of Christ.

The Hidden Option explores questions like:

  • Is there really any hope for our world where everything is so polarized?
  • How do we find solutions that reach across the aisle without compromising the truth of God’s Word?
  • How can you minister to others when you already feel overworked and under resourced?
  • Do you have the capacity for creative problem solving, even though you might not consider yourself creative?