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Jonathan Malm - January 12, 2017

The only constant in life is change. Unfortunately, most people dislike change. It messes with your sense of control.

However, change isn’t the worst thing. Especially if you learn to lean into the change and embrace it. Here are three types of changes that will definitely come and how to prepare yourself to navigate and pivot through them.

1. Culture changes.

Culture changes. We know that. But nowadays, it’s changing even faster than ever before. That means your preferences, which once were the same preferences as most of the decision-makers in the world, will be pushed to the back. Things won’t always be the way you want them to be. Prepare yourself for that. Learn to appreciate new things – even things that seem foreign to you. If you want to have influence, you have to embrace change instead of reject it.

2. Your influence changes.

This brings me to the idea of influence. The influence you have as a youngin’ is different than the influence you’ll have when your older. In fact, your influence will slowly shift over time. You have to be willing to navigate that shift if you hope to keep your influence.

When you’re young, you’ll be the one driving all the crazy ideas that seem to change the world. But soon, it will be time to help other champion those ideas. Then it will be up to you to encourage them and give them guidance.

You don’t have to be threatened by young people coming up behind you. You can actually help them and become part of the success they see.

3. Your passions change.

Finally, the things that drive you will slowly change. Be willing to act on the new passions you have. The older you get, the scarier acting will be. But you can still maintain your influence and you can still make big changes in the world if you’re willing to risk.

Don’t fear the change. Embrace it. Lean into the changes that are bound to happen in your life. You can, instead of letting them pummel you, surf the waves and enjoy an exciting ride.