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Jonathan Malm - May 2, 2017

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Jonathan Malm - May 2, 2017

I have a gardener I call George. I’m pretty sure that’s his name. But not positive. Each week or two he comes by and takes care of my lawn. He weeds my flower bed. He fertilizes. He does all the things a “man” is supposed to do for his own lawn.

My point is, if that’s the measurement of a man, I’m not a very good one. I just can’t find the motivation to take care of my lawn. I’ll water it on occasion. I’ll pull a few spare weeds as I’m on my way out to a coffee shop. But I have no strong desire to do the outdoors, lawn thing.

Recently, though, I had a tree die in my backyard. I got the bright idea to chop it down myself. That was a lot of work. So instead of renting the stump grinder myself, I paid someone $75 to get rid of the stump from my back yard, then I bought a tree. Of course, I also paid someone to plant it for me.

All said, I’m probably out $300 for this simple tree I purchased.

I’ve noticed something interesting about my behavior these last two weeks. I’ve been checking that dang tree multiple times a day. I stick my finger in the soul to make sure it’s getting enough water. I check the twigs to see if new life is happening. I even stare at it through my window on windy days to make sure nothing bad happens to it. And I water that thing like nobody’s business.

Suddenly, I’m extremely motivated to help this tree flourish. It’s because of the #1 key to motivation.

The key to motivation is this:

Pay a price.

Scriptures say it like this: Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be.

You’ll start feeling the motivation once you’ve felt the pain of what it cost you. You’ll be invested.

So want to write that book… Want to start that business… Want to be a better friend…

What price have you paid?

It reminds me of Jesus’ motivation. As if He weren’t already motivated enough to redeem His creation, He gave His life for us… The ultimate price paid. You can bet He’s motivated to redeem us and to change us more into His image.

Let’s make sure our motivation is in the dreams God has placed in our hearts, but also in the dream He has. When was the last time you paid the price for someone God loves? For someone Jesus died for?

Motivation costs something. But it’s imperative we be willing to pay the price.