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Jonathan Malm - February 7, 2017

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The 3 Best Times You Can Be an Example for Others

Jonathan Malm - February 7, 2017

Yesterday, I had someone comment on a post. “I’d been watching you during that era of your life, seeing how you were going to navigate things.” It scared me, realizing that people were actually watching my response to a situation when I assumed nobody even knew I existed.

I believe there are certain seasons in our life where people watch us. Now, that can feel like a lot of pressure, or we can recognize it for the opportunity to demonstrate godliness to others. There are three seasons in particular where I see you have the biggest opportunity to be a good example.

When Things Are Going Well

When you’re at your most successful, people will watch you. But it won’t be for the reasons you might assume. People want to see what you’ll do with your success. Are you going to give back? Are you going to help other people out? These simple opportunities are your chance to be an example for others. Use your success as a chance to bless others.

When Things Just Start Going Well

As your business or influence grows, are you going to maintain integrity in the process? Or will you scratch and claw for more? Take advantage of others? In seasons of growth, people are watching you.

Many get so consumed in the growth process that they lose themselves. They become overly fixated on results and neglect people around them. Be sure you maintain integrity and humility in these growth seasons.

When Things Are at Their Worst

This is our least favorite time and the time we least want to be an example to others. But I believe this is the most profound time to demonstrate godliness. When people are taking advantage of you and you feel wronged, how will you respond? Will you have faith? Will you complain? Will you demonstrate peace? Will you shift blame?

I believe in these bad times, we have our greatest opportunity to trust God and believe in His plans for us. And people see when we do that. They might not tell you. But they’ll be quietly looking in and seeing how you navigate the rough waters. Use this time as an opportunity. Let your darkness be someone else’s light.

I encourage you with this: Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.