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Jonathan Malm - January 4, 2017

Regardless of what others might say, you’re on your own path in life. It’s a unique path, unlike anyone else’s. God has different dreams for your life and He’ll take you different places to get to those destinations.

Because your path is unique, you can’t just copy someone else’s plans. You can’t read a book from some successful genius and follow each step. It won’t work for you. There are thousands of paths to success; you need to find the one that’s made for you.

So as you journey on your unique path, I want to encourage you – this year – to keep an eye out for these unique parts of your path. Look for them and respond to them properly.

1. Rest stops

Just like there are times of hustle, there are times of rest. These are important times. They help you recharge and prepare for the next section. If you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, you’ll burn out. You won’t have the energy to enjoy the journey.

So in these moments of rest, resist the urge to fill them with other things. Don’t fill them with entertainment or “good” tasks. Fill them with rest. Talk to God. Listen to Him. Let Him lead you beside still waters and restore your soul.

2. Intersections

Just because you’re on your unique path doesn’t mean your path won’t intersect with others’. At times, you’ll be traveling right along the same path someone else has. This is when it’s valuable to learn from those people. This is where you can grab the book from a successful genius and learn from the difficulties they had to navigate. It won’t be the manual for your life, but it might give you what you need to get through.

Also, in these moments of intersection, meet the people you intersect. God might have placed you on an intersection at a certain moment just for one single relationship that will help launch your life in the direction it needs to go.

3. Off road

Finally, be ready to go off road when it’s necessary. Blaze your own trail. Your path will be different than anyone else’s.

  • Your kids might need different parenting than others’.
  • Your career might not look like anyone else’s.
  • Your ministry might take you unexpected places.
  • Unique opportunities might take you far off the beaten path.

Resist the urge to look at others during this time. Don’t compare yourself, because there’s a good chance your life will look different than theirs’. The reason is: It’s supposed to.

Be prepared to travel your journey, and look to God for the power and the wisdom to make it through.

Your life is unique. It won’t look like anyone else’s. Be sure to travel the path God has for you and not get distraction trying to travel someone else’s.

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  1. Hey Jonathan, excellent points! I typically have trouble with the rest stops. Not so much recognizing them, more so just resting in them. Intersections and off road are easier for me to operate in, but I really need to consider the rest stops along the way. I’m in a season of waiting on God, so now is one of those times!

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