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Jonathan Malm - March 7, 2017

I believe the more perspectives you have in life, the more chance you have of success. No problem is one-dimensional or even two. There’s a lot of complexity to life, and perspective helps you get a grasp on it.

Here are four perspectives I think are absolutely necessary if you hope to live the most successful life you can.

1. An outside perspective.

If you do your work or live your life in isolation, I don’t think you can do your best. We were made to function in community, because outside perspectives will help you see things you couldn’t on your own.

I believe everyone should have someone in their life that they can have a continual conversation with during the day. For me, that’s my wife and my buddy Joe. I can easily lean on them when I need perspective.

2. A long-term perspective.

Short-term thinking is the killer of success. Going for the quick buck… Making the decision that feels best in the moment… X-ing out that person who hurt your feelings… They’re bad in the long-run. We need to continually ask ourselves this question: Will I be happy with this decision five years from now? If not, maybe it’s best to choose a different path.

3. A community perspective.

People aren’t mutually exclusive. We don’t live in nice neat bubbles that don’t intersect. Your life affects others, and it’s important to realize that. You might have monetary success in life, but if you leave a path of burning bodies behind you, that was ultimately a failure.

It’s important we realize our place within the community of God’s people and even the community of the earth.

4. God’s perspective.

I leave this for last. God’s perspective is the most important, and frankly His perspective is the perfection of the previous three perspectives. He is the ultimate outside perspective. He’s outside our realm of thinking, outside of time, and is the very one who created us for community.

By frequently talking to God and asking Him to show us His perspective, we get to see what real success actually is. Turns out, it has very little to do with money or power. Those things are often tools God uses and blesses us with. But those aren’t the purpose. The purpose is for real influence in the way God sees it.

You need all four perspectives; just understand that God’s perspective is the completion of them all.