Jonathan Malm - December 28, 2012

I Hate Holidays

Jonathan Malm - December 28, 2012

The Power of a Story

Jonathan Malm - December 28, 2012

Remember when I told you a couple weeks ago about my friend who said my writing was “mediocre at best”? He didn’t realize he was talking about my writing. But he was. And the thing that made this all so much worse is that this friend was my brother. My brother. The guy I looked up to so much…

He was the one who threw an HTML book at me and told me to learn to make my own website for my magic business (age 13 – the start of this whole blogging thing). He was the one who took me to DC for my birthday to see one of our presidents get inaugurated (age 16). He was the one who took me to my first rap concert and got me to dance up on stage (age 8).

It was painful. But it was true. I needed to hear that my writing sucked. But the reason it sucked was because I forgot a very simple element. A story.

Stories are so powerful. How much did your imagination engage when you read my short stories above? Did you imagine me in a cape and top hat in front of a computer? Did you imagine me standing in a crowd of people watching G-Dub get sworn in? Did you imagine the whitest boy in the world dancing on stage with a rapper? Yes, stories are powerful.

So I rewrote my blurb. I added a story. I sent it again. It hit the spot. That was a great article.

How often do we forget these simple facts when we create? We forget that the human element, the story, is what’s so impacting. People relate to the story. People put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes. That’s what great art does.

So where’s the story in what you’re doing today?

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