Jonathan Malm - January 12, 2012

Let Yourself Be Bored

Jonathan Malm - January 12, 2012

The World Wants Real

Jonathan Malm - January 12, 2012

Watch an amazing video on YouTube. Now look at the comments below. Over half of them complain about how the video was faked. “Photoshopped!” “They’re actors.” “CG.” It can really kill the mood.

But in the back of your head you’re wondering if it was fake too. That’s because the world is longing for reality.

Real videos go viral. The boy coming out via flash cards is so raw and emotional. Rebecca Black’s Friday is so bad it seems intentional…but it’s not. If one of these videos were found to be frauds…they would instantly lose their viral video status.

People want real. In your pursuit of creativity, remember reality trumps fake. You don’t have to compete with elaborate fakes. Create something real. Whenever you can, infuse reality and truth into your art.

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