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Jonathan Malm - January 11, 2017

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Jonathan Malm - January 11, 2017

There’s a joke made that Millennials frequently want to quit their job a few months in, simply because they aren’t making a big enough impact. It’s a funny joke, but it brings up a pretty good question. When should a Christian quit their job? Is it when they aren’t making a big enough impact? Perhaps. But I think there are a few bigger reasons that indicate it might be time to leave your job.

See if you find yourself in any of these situations before you make the decision to put in your two weeks’ notice.

1. When God opens the next opportunity.

The “Christian” answer for when it’s time to quit your job is when God tells you to. Obviously. But sometimes that’s more complicated, because God’s voice often sounds a lot like our own good ideas. I’ve found God will often open up the next opportunity and help you start seeing it when it’s time to move on.

If it seems like God is opening a new opportunity that makes your heart come alive at the possibility, begin praying that God would confirm the decision to quit your job. You’ll often start feeling a peace in your heart (though not always in your head). And you’ll find it doesn’t require compromising what God has promised you for the next opportunity. This is a great time for a Christian to quit their job.

2. When it’s impossible to do work with integrity.

The sun isn’t always so shiny though when it comes time for a Christian to quit their job. There won’t always be that glowing opportunity that makes you feel wonderful about quitting. Sometimes, you have to quit because it’s the right thing to do.

If your job is arranged in such a way that you have to compromise your morals, it’s time to quit. Or if your boss – even after your appeals to their authority and to their heart – continues to ask you to do something immoral, it might be time to quit.

Money is good. But if you’re having to sacrifice your integrity to get it, it’s tainted. Seek God in these situations; make sure you’ve done all you can to fix the situation; then if you have to, don’t hesitate to quit that job.

3. When God says so, even if there’s no other great prospect.

Is this discussion depressing enough yet? Well, let me take it one step further before we get encouraging again.

Sometimes God will tell you to quit your job even when there’s no better opportunity available. Or even if you aren’t having to compromise your morals to do to the job. Sometimes God has bigger things in store for you, but He might not show you what those things are until you take a step of faith.

If you feel like God’s telling you to quit your job, seek Him. It’s okay to ask Him to confirm it – especially if it’s something as scary as this. You can even seek godly council from pastors and trusted leaders. But when you’ve done your due diligence and you still feel His prompting, I encourage you: Do it. Quit the job. It will be scary. But I guarantee God has something in store for you beyond what you could imagine.

Often, He’ll hide the next step from us so that we can fully rely on Him and not try to mess with (we think: improve) His plans.

The bottom line is this: Pray to God. If you’re in a job you hate, maybe you just need to pray that God helps you see it more as a mission field than a job. Or maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Let God lead you.

He is our good shepherd and He will take care of us.


  1. Thank you so much for these words. I am living this decision right now and am so appreciate the insight and encouragement. Love your blog! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Thank you for this post, Jonathan! In my experience, numbers 1 and 3 almost went together when I found myself in this situation. I had done exceptionally well in my career and was just about to reach 10 years and the next promotion. And then God began the process of calling me away from a career that I was good at, was making an impact in, and that I loved. His calling was leading me into full time ministry. I couldn’t understand it all then, but that was now almost 10 years ago and I wouldn’t trade it back. So when “God says so,” it’s a good thing to listen to!

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