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Jonathan Malm - November 19, 2012

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Jonathan Malm - November 19, 2012

When the Luster Wears Off

Jonathan Malm - November 19, 2012

I’m working on a very exciting new project. I’m not quite ready to release the details yet. But it’ll help bloggers phenomenally and it’s something I wished had been available throughout my blogging career.

So needless to say I’m constantly excited about this project. Except the times I’m not.

When I first brainstormed this idea with a friend I got super excited. I even came up with a name for the company that had me giggling with excitement. I couldn’t wait to tell anyone that would listen. A few months later, when it came to hard work and uncertainty, the idea’s luster began to wear off.

My shiny new toy of an idea was starting to become a chore. I started breaking down the process of making this happen and it wasn’t so exciting anymore.

Here’s something I’m discovering, though. When the luster of an idea wears off, real success begins.

Anyone can be excited about a new idea. It’s a shiny new toy. People like me love shiny new toys. But making that toy into a reality is far less exciting. That’s when it takes hard work and true brilliance. But the shiny toy is worthless unless it actually happens.

I’m convinced a thousand-dollar idea is worth more than a million-dollar idea – if the thousand-dollar idea actually happens.

So, it’s true, some of the luster has worn off of my shiny new idea. But I’m forcing myself to make it a reality. I’m fighting through the boringness that comes with making a great idea happen. And you know what? The luster is slowly coming back. The idea gets shinier as I begin polishing it and working with it. I’m regaining my enthusiasm.

I just had to push through that resistance. I’m sure I’ll have more resistance, and I’ll push through that too. I will.

Is your idea still shiny? Or has it lost its luster. Work with it again. Make it shiny again. The world needs your idea.

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