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Jonathan Malm - February 9, 2017

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Jonathan Malm - February 9, 2017

Which of These 3 Types of Minds Do You Have?

Jonathan Malm - February 9, 2017

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” That’s a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. I’d encourage you to analyze your social media usage and see which type of mind you are. I’ll go in reverse order.

1. Small Minds that Discuss People

Are most of your social media posts outrage over what someone did? Maybe a political candidate? An inflammatory pastor?

The reason this type of conversation comes from small minded people is that they are always reacting to other people. They don’t create anything new, they just respond to what other people are doing. This often results in feelings of helplessness – feeling like you’re at the mercy of other people’s action.

2. Average Minds that Discuss Events

Are all of your posts about the latest football game? The latest TV show? I applaud you that most of your conversations aren’t about criticism. But if all you’re talking about is what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, you’re merely talking about entertainment. Or if you’re just talking about what already happened, you can’t contribute anything to a hopeful future.

3. Great Minds that Discuss Ideas

This is where I wish more people lived. Want to talk about the refugee crisis? Offer some ideas. Want to criticize something political? Come up with an idea outside of the realm of politics.

Ideas cut to the heart of the matter. They offer hope for the future. They take a pro-active approach to the world.

Again, analyze your everyday conversations. Look at your social media feed. What kind of “mind” do those interactions indicate you have?

You have the capacity to think great thoughts and do great things. You just need to change your perspective on your conversations.

This is a challenge for me. I’m going to work to be more of a great mind. How about you?