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Jonathan Malm - January 9, 2017

Does it ever feel to you like God’s limiting you? You feel like you’re life should be going a certain way, yet it seems like God isn’t opening the right doors. Or maybe He hasn’t given you the resources you think you need.

Is God limiting you? Is that something He does? Here are three things to consider next time you start wondering why it feels like God is limiting you.

1. He is.

Limitations aren’t bad. In fact, limitations provide safety and an even greater sense of liberty when you embrace the limitations.

I know there are times I wish there were no traffic laws. I wish I could go as fast as I wanted on any road I wanted. But can you imagine if the laws were arbitrary? If there were no concrete laws? If I were driving any speed I wished, each time I passed a police officer it would be a point of fear. But if I’m willing to embrace the speed limit, when I go flying past a police officer at 55 miles an hour which the sign on the road indicates, I can feel secure and even enjoy the drive. It’s safe.

2. He limits Himself.

You know God even limits Himself? He may have set the rules, but He chooses to limit Himself to those same rules. He will not act contrary to His Word.

If God thinks limiting Himself is something worthy of His effort, shouldn’t we embrace those limitations even more. And here’s why.

3. Limitations help show you better possibilities.

Wherever you feel stuck right now… Maybe you’re trying to get unstuck the wrong way. Maybe you see a path before you that seems blocked by obstacles. Maybe, if you embraced God’s limitations in your life, you would see a better path that was previously invisible.

People love to say “where God guides, He provides.” I believe, even more, He guides where He doesn’t provide. God does open doors when He leads us, but I’ve seen He more often shuts doors to help us find the right ones for us.

So maybe:

  • you don’t actually need the finances to start that business.
  • you don’t need to find a publisher to get that book out…maybe self publish.
  • you don’t need that connection to help you do what you’re trying to do.

Next time you feel limited, lean into those limitations. Ask God to direct you through His lack of provision. He just might show you a brand new path, meant only for you, that leads to places you never imagined.