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Jonathan Malm - January 18, 2017

School ruined you. Yes, you learned valuable facts and lessons. But they taught you a life lesson that was wrong. School taught you that failure was bad, because it took you off the prescribed timeline for your life.

Think about it: Failure meant you had to repeat – either in summer school or in a following year. If you didn’t pass your tests, you wouldn’t finish school in thirteen years.

School might have a prescribed timeline, but life doesn’t. There’s no measure of success indicating you should get married at 21, buy a house at 23, have two kids by 25, and then get that massive promotion by 27. Everyone’s life, first of all, looks different. But more than that, everyone timeline looks different.

Failures don’t set you back. And successes are really no big deal. Frankly, life isn’t about the individual wins or losses, it’s about the series. Really, life is more like a basketball game than a boxing match.

Each win, a score. Each failure, the other team scores.

A good basketball player doesn’t beat himself up when the other team scores. Or when he gives up the rebound. Or when he misses the shot. He moves on quickly to the next play.

Just the same, a good basketball player doesn’t spend the rest of the game reminiscing on that one perfect shot he made in the first quarter. He celebrates, then moves on to the next play.

Each game is different. Each score is different. Each defensive and offensive setup is different. Each shot is different.

That’s life. No two lives will look similar.

So if you feel like your life has looked more like failure than success up to now, don’t worry. Shake off the failures. There’s still plenty of time on the clock. There’s still lots of game ahead of you. Move forward and take some shots in life.