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Jonathan Malm is a creative entrepreneur and writer. He is the author of Created for More, a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. You’ll find him in San Antonio, Texas roasting his own coffee beans enjoying life with his Argentine wife, Carolina.

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Jonathan Malm was born in the United States as a pastor’s kid, and then grew up in Guatemala as a missionary’s kid. While working on his Bachelors degree in Marketing, he began working for his church as a graphic designer. Eventually he became the creative director and had his hand in everything from leading worship to running the technological side of things.

During that time, Jonathan developed a passion for the creative process and for helping churches effectively and creatively communicate. He launched multiple websites and blogs, along with the help of many creative voices within the Church, that explore every facet of church creativity. Those websites grew and he eventually made the transition to self-employment so he could focus on managing those projects.

Jonathan’s had the privilege of speaking at many conferences and even directing Echo Conference–a conference for church communicators.

He’s passionate about helping people think differently about their jobs and about creativity. He lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife, Carolina, by his side.




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Twitter: @jonathanmalm
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About Created for More

Are you compartmentalizing God?

If you ever feel like your times spent praying or trying to read the Bible are disconnected from the rest of your day, you need this book.

Your devotional times aren’t supposed to be isolated from your life; the God who created you also calls you to create-whether that is a business, a family, a book, a photograph, a website, a sermon, or a meal.

Created for More ties together our drive to create and our desire for God. Spend 30 days learning to be more than you thought you could be. Be humble. Be intentional. Be limited. Be parallel. Be invested. Be brave.

Be a creator as you draw near to the God who created you.

Praise for Created for More

Jonathan has put together a great devotional for anyone who wants to see their world in a unique way. Whether you’re creative or even part-creative, this book will help you grow in both your craft and your walk with God-in only 30 days!
Mark Batterson, New York Times Bestselling author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC

Jonathan Malm is one of the most creative, faith-filled people I know. You’ll find no better guide to help you discover your great gift to the world.
Ben Arment, author of Dream Year

I’m of the opinion that better humans make better art. I’m also of the opinion that after 30 days with Jonathan’s thoughts you’ll be better at both. A simple, yet provocative journey through scripture and the creative mind, this devotional is one worth reading.
Blaine Hogan, creative director at Willow Creek Community Church

Created for More was created with you in mind!   This devotional is Jonathan Malm’s heartbeat.  His passion to help awaken the spiritual act of creativity within each of us is evidenced throughout these pages.  This will be a valuable resource not only for you but also for the teams of creatives you lead.
Jenni Catron, Church Leader and author of CLOUT: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence 

This is an honest, heart-felt guide to growing closer to God. Like a lot of people, I’m pretty skeptical of impractical, fluffy devotionals-but this is anything but that. We were all created for more, and this book will help you understand why.
Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work and Wrecked

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